About Us

Peachtree Roadies is a blog focused on the lives of two friends living off the beaten path we call “Peachtree” in Atlanta. We share our experiences trying (and often failing) at getting fit, walking the line of socially acceptable afternoon drinking, obsessing over our two street rat dogs and documenting our numerous Pinterest fails.

We believe in the power of travel, a good mimosa and a great group of friends.



More about Kelly:

I am a lifelong Atlanta native with roots in the New York City metro area. My husband fulfilled my post-college dream of living in NYC, which is where we started our life together in a tiny Manhattan apartment and nearly froze to death. A love of UGA (Go Dawgs!), Sweetwater, grits and warmer weather brought us back to the premier city in the south. My perfect day includes online shopping, walking with our little gymnast/ninja Louie, and dining on a patio. I believe in a good deal, strong drinks, and showing off my Target finds.

drybar kelly

More about Meg:

I hail from the tropical state of Ohio and am a Yankee at heart (much to my husband’s dismay.) I’ve been living in Atlanta since 2008 and have built a wonderful life here with my main squeeze, Stripes, and poorly behaved dog/lion, Bocephus. My perfect day revolves around good food, great friends and a strong margarita. I choose gold over silver, think leggings CAN be pants if paired with the right tunic and firmly believe that everything happens for a reason.

Meg after

Meg after – what a beauty!

You Like Us?

We are always searching for exciting things to document for our followers! Know any awesome places to go for happy hour? New workout trends? Awesome products? If you have a suggestion that falls in the fantastic to mediocre category, or if there is something you want to know about us and our glittery Atlanta lives, just ask. We’d love to hear from you (so we know our moms aren’t our only followers.) Drop us a line at PeachtreeRoadies {at} gmail {dot} com.


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