Top 5 Fitness Trends of 2015

2014 was an awesome year in the fitness industry! Some of the highlights for us were the designers who got in on the fitness apparel action (hello, Trina Turk!), the increase in boutique options in Atlanta (some of our favorites include Torq and Pink Barre) and new (inexpensive) ways to visit gyms that put the power of price back in the hands of the gym goer – thanks Class Pass!!

Fitness 2015

So, what does 2015 hold? Here are the top five things we are most excited about!

Barre, baby! – Barre classes have EXPLODED in popularity, and with that have come great new barre options, workout wear especially designed for this type of class (for example grippy socks galore), and more girls hitting the barre before the bar. Dare I say barre class is the new brunch? Eh, maybe not, but we’re moving in that direction!

Function AND fashion – I dare you to walk into a grocery store, mall or shop without seeing a least one very fashionable woman in workout clothes…who looks fabulous. Yoga pants, colorful sneakers and flowing comfy tops are now the uniform of women everyone – and not just to go to the gym. So retailers are stepping up their game and making sure your outfits can take you from push-up to Publix without blinking an eye. Our favorite new product is the fivesse line of gym bags. The consumer is demanding more from their workout wear, and brands like these have stepped up to offer both a great look and amazing functionality.

Fitness Trends in 2015

High-intensity interval training (think P90X) – This type of workout fell from the number one spot on the 2013 ACSM survey to number two this year (fun fact – I (Meg) interned for the ACSM in college), but we don’t think it’s slowing down in popularity anytime soon. In fact, I think it’s getting even more mainstream. Gyms that traditionally didn’t offer this workout now have a couple classes dedicated to it, and spots are filling up fast. Why? The workouts tend to be shorter (some even as quick as 20 minutes) and are POWERFUL and exhausting. Strong is the new skinny.

Green juice – Veggies are definitely in vogue, people. Kale has taken off in the past couple of years, but instead of just salads people are stocking up on this left green for smoothie consumption. I try and make a green smoothie every morning, so even if the rest of the day revolves around mac-and-cheese and beer I’ve done something good for myself. Plus by adding things like moringa you can get an energy boost that sustains you longer than your cup o’ joe!

Brooks Running

Big data – We’re talking tracking here, from competition based workouts to wristbands that track your daily activity, heart rate monitors and sleep. It’s all about knowing exactly what you (and those around you) are doing and the immediate benefits it’s providing. Integrating personal health and wellness data such as steps taken, sleep cycles, blood PH, with apps or software is incredibly engaging and helping more people try to live healthier lifestyle. My mom just got the new Fitbit Charge and I had so much fun checking out the functionality when they visited this past weekend!

Would you agree with our top 5? What’s on your list?

Meg is wearing: top (The North Face Quarter Zip), pants (Nordstrom Zella Live In Leggings), shoes (Brooks Ghost 7)

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