It’s Not Supposed to be Easy – Dare to NOT Compare in the Gym

This year I decided to be incredibly original and make (part of) my resolution to be more healthy and active – the bedrock being hitting the gym five times a week. This is a big departure from 2014 where I wore yoga pants five times a week, but did not actually partake in said yoga.

Meg in Lucy

Meg in lucy 2

Getting back in a more strenuous, committed fitness routine is really tough. I started my #RoadToFitness (restart) Journey back in December, motivated by the opportunity to join in complaining about how ANNOYING Jan 1 starters are. I mean, can you BELIEVE how crowded the gym is now? 😉 It hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing.

Lucy Lifts Weights

Being committed (for me) means holding the position the WHOLE time…not giving up 10 seconds before I’m supposed to. Picking up the heavier weights and maintaining the proper form, even when cheating would be a lot more comfortable. It also means sweating, having a really red face and looking like a hot ol’ mess, instead of brunch ready, after a sweat sesh. And it’s hard, because at the awesome gym I go to there are a lot of very, very in shape women who began their road to fitness in December (of 1996) and are kicking my ass without breaking a sweat. It’s easy to get wrapped up in comparisons – but I’m taking a new approach:

Get over it. Keep working hard.

Stretch in lucy

If I’m sweating it means I’m pushing myself, maybe they aren’t – or maybe their botox prevents sweat glands from forming on their foreheads (lucky.) If my legs are shaking two minutes into my barre work it means I’ve stuck the position and my form is on pointe (ballet humor.) Who cares if I look like a mess in the gym – It’s not a catwalk and the work will pay off and be visible under my six layers of clothes and blanket scarf. Plus I can eat more cheese dip and drink more beer– which makes looking like a fool worth it every time!

Beer in Lucy

How to you keep from getting gym envy? Or does it motivate you?

Meg is wearing: tank: lucy Studio Cami Racerback c/o lucy, shirt: Final Rep Long Sleeve c/o lucy, pants: Splits 59 tights similar here


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Tramps– If You Can’t Say Anything Nice…Say it Anyway

Jump Jump

When I was in elementary school my babysitter asked my parents to sign a waiver that said if I fell off the trampoline and died they wouldn’t be liable. My parents didn’t sign it (wamp wamp) and I wasn’t allowed to jump with the other kids. Since then, trampolines have had a mysterious hold on me. I love them, but I’m terrified of them. Make sense? Oh well. Fast forward 20 years (yuck) and enter SKY ZONE.

Jump Jump3

Margaret (you may remember her from posts such as Girlfriends with Great Apartments and Exhale) and I decided to switch-up our typical exercise routine and add in SkyFITNESS. According to their website, it’s a mix of “calisthenics, core exercises and strength building aerobics, all done on patented, all-trampoline, walled playing courts.” The website also promised that we would burn 1,000 calories per hour. Woah. Too good to be true? YOU BETCHA.

Picture in your minds an early 90’s roller-skate rink (you know exactly what I’m talking about – don’t deny it) but replace the skate circle with a ton of trampolines, all connected to form one massive tramp surface. Leave in the scary and overpriced snack bar, loud arcade games and very disturbing smell tho – because those were definitely present. This is SkyZone.

photo 1(14)

The class was taught by a very muscular instructor who was outwardly sad his fitness career had led him to the Sky Zone in Roswell. His little helpers, four infuriating, immature high school PUNKS who ran around showing off their sweet tramp skills, interrupting class and just generally making my blood boil, were also along for the ride. The first 2 minutes of class were great. Marg and I just hopped about on our designated tramp area and chatted while starting our calorie burn. Sounds great, right? It quickly went downhill from there. Next, we did some awkward stretching which didn’t seem to accomplish much. Following the stretchfest we lined up at the wall in four groups and either ran or hopped (one-by-one) from one side of the sea of tramps to the other while people watched and waited for their turn.

IT.WAS.BAD. It felt like a very, VERY, low budget version of The Biggest Loser on the first day when everyone is clapping and encouraging each other as they fail miserably at the exercises and look like total boneheads. My self-respect took several blows to the head during this time.

photo 1(15)

After that torture was over we did a series of six different kinds of push-ups, demonstrated by the annoying high school boys of course, that hurt my joints and my pride more than my muscles. Then, to our shock and dismay, we were back in our groups running from side to side one final time. Finally, the workout was over. Combined Margaret and I probably burned 300 calories. And that’s being generous.

HOWEVER – all was not lost. Once the class was over we hopped on the tramps for a good 20 minutes while gossiping and rehashing the horror we just witnessed and participated in. Just delightful. Then we went across the street to the Frontgate and Ballard outlets for a little retail therapy and to shake the SkyZone stink off of ourselves. I bought a great rug that was 75% off. Hooray! Successful day.

Jump Jump 2

I’m honestly having Nam-style flashbacks of our time at Sky Zone and need to go lie down. Or drink vodka. Thanks for reading.

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Come Fly Away With Me at FlyBarre (Road to Fitness, Chapter 7)


In early January (in anticipation of starting this bloggity-blog), Meg and I took our very first class at the epic FlyWheel/FlyBarre. Literally EVERYONE in Atlanta has been talking about this “fly” place, so we decided to start our #roadtofitness here. We were a little freaked out by the idea of FlyWheel as our “entre” back into the fitness world, so we opted for a 45-minute FlyBarre class.

My first impression when we walked in was WHOA – there are a lot of hopped-up high-energy, fit people running around this joint – and I kinda liked it! High energy is essential to getting back on the exercise train. The place was packed and we really had to throw some bows to snag a locker to put up our things before class. You reserve your mat online ahead of time, which is nice given how crowded the studio is, so we walked right into the little FlyBarre studio to our spots. Easy-peasy so far.


FlyBarre in Buckhead

I don’t know if it was our too-tight-for-us clothing or our nervous glances around the room, but the sweet blonde instructor (Lori Beth) walked right over to introduce herself and ask us if it was our first class. We nodded yes and she took a few minutes to describe what to expect.

From their website: “Using small intense interval exercises choreographed to immersive and inspiring music, FlyBarre quickly reshapes the body for lean, strong, and elongated muscles. Classes are highly energetic, fast-paced, and fun. We change our routines frequently and use a wide variety of props to tighten muscles and keep things interesting. You’ll never experience the same class twice.”

The class was really entertaining with great music, and you knew the current “area” of the body you were twerking working out was almost over based on when the song was about to end – love it! [Sidenote: I have a BAD habit of watching the clock during workouts to see how much time is left – I have places to be people!] For it being called a “barre” class, we didn’t really use the barre a ton, but used a stretchy band, ball and weights more. The barre room is pretty tight and I was constantly knocking into Meg and the girl beside me. I guess I’m not coordinated enough to stay put on my mat.

The funniest part of the class was during the freestyle song – they choreograph a new song each month (I believe that is the frequency anyways) – where she completely lost us. I just sort of danced along to the music and tried not look like a complete fool. What I want to know is – how did everyone else know the moves??? I guess they have a lot of loyal followers over there, from what we could gather anyways.


The good news is that your first class is free at the Buckhead location and you can choose from either FlyWheel or FlyBarre. Monthly memberships for either FlyBarre or FlyWheel run you about $220, with a membership for both running you $280, so a little pricey, but in line with some of the other workouts we’ve tried. The only thing I will caution is that it seems like you have to sign up for classes pretty far in advance (a couple days), because they fill up quickly.

Location: 9 (right in the heart of Buckhead and huge parking lot)
Instructor: 8 (for cuteness and energy-level)
Workout: 6 (compared to some of the other workouts we’ve done, this one was probably not as challenging, but we also may not have been doing everything right, so take this one with a grain of salt, around the rim of a margarita glass if you please)
Ambiance: 5 (a little too much energy and not a lot of frills for my liking)
Will we be back? Meh…but all the reviews have said a combo of both FlyWheel and FlyBarre classes will deliver serious results, and they have pretty late class schedules which is a plus – definitely considering!

See you at the gym!