It’s Not Supposed to be Easy – Dare to NOT Compare in the Gym

This year I decided to be incredibly original and make (part of) my resolution to be more healthy and active – the bedrock being hitting the gym five times a week. This is a big departure from 2014 where I wore yoga pants five times a week, but did not actually partake in said yoga.

Meg in Lucy

Meg in lucy 2

Getting back in a more strenuous, committed fitness routine is really tough. I started my #RoadToFitness (restart) Journey back in December, motivated by the opportunity to join in complaining about how ANNOYING Jan 1 starters are. I mean, can you BELIEVE how crowded the gym is now? 😉 It hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing.

Lucy Lifts Weights

Being committed (for me) means holding the position the WHOLE time…not giving up 10 seconds before I’m supposed to. Picking up the heavier weights and maintaining the proper form, even when cheating would be a lot more comfortable. It also means sweating, having a really red face and looking like a hot ol’ mess, instead of brunch ready, after a sweat sesh. And it’s hard, because at the awesome gym I go to there are a lot of very, very in shape women who began their road to fitness in December (of 1996) and are kicking my ass without breaking a sweat. It’s easy to get wrapped up in comparisons – but I’m taking a new approach:

Get over it. Keep working hard.

Stretch in lucy

If I’m sweating it means I’m pushing myself, maybe they aren’t – or maybe their botox prevents sweat glands from forming on their foreheads (lucky.) If my legs are shaking two minutes into my barre work it means I’ve stuck the position and my form is on pointe (ballet humor.) Who cares if I look like a mess in the gym – It’s not a catwalk and the work will pay off and be visible under my six layers of clothes and blanket scarf. Plus I can eat more cheese dip and drink more beer– which makes looking like a fool worth it every time!

Beer in Lucy

How to you keep from getting gym envy? Or does it motivate you?

Meg is wearing: tank: lucy Studio Cami Racerback c/o lucy, shirt: Final Rep Long Sleeve c/o lucy, pants: Splits 59 tights similar here


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Whirlyballin for a Workout

I just had my first whirly ball experience at age 29, and it.was.AWESOME. How did I miss out on this place as a kid? My parents obviously deprived me as a child.

Whirly ball carts

Some of you may be asking…what the heck is whirly ball? Well, Whirly ball (as defined by Urban Dictionary) is: the greatest game ever. You sit in a bumper car but instead of a steering wheel there is a pole between your legs that you spin in circles. You have a hi-ly like scooper and you attempt to throw a wiffle ball into grapefruit size hole on a basketball hole. You are not allowed to exit the cart due to the possible chance of electrocution. The score often ends up being 0-0 and you just run into each other but it’s still super fun. Imagine quidditch on meth.

Now, after reading that review, you must be intrigued. Let me fill ya in. My sister was brainstorming ideas for her fiancé’s birthday and sent me the link to Jimmy’s Mad Mad Whirld to get my thoughts. I was a whirly ball virgin, so I had to watch the video to figure out what it was. We figured this would be right up his alley. Ours? Maybe not so much, but she was planning to invite some of his other friends to join. So, they could play and we could just watch, right?

The “package” included 2 hours of all you can play whirly ball and laser tag for $20 each – sold!

Whirly ball

The night of the surprise whirly ball party, I arrived first and was very much underwhelmed by the pretty ghetto arcade set-up from 1992 at the front and the overwhelming smell of burnt nacho cheese and stale popcorn. I was also thinking, dear lord, I hope everything is up to code in this place and no one loses an arm in the bumper cars. When Flynn pulls up with Gary outside of the place, he looks at her and says in a sarcastic tone, “we’re NOT playing whirly ball, are we?” Sorry, Gary, yes, yes, we are. Happy birthday!!

Whirly Ball Whirly Ball

The whirly ball carts were a little dated and I had to get a new one halfway through the game because I was seriously lagging behind everyone else (no bueno, when speed is the name of the game). The goals are also not exactly functional, but there is a referee keeping score, and he was definitely giving the girls the advantage – and we needed it!

Whirly ball scoreboardWhirly ball


Kelly Whirly Ball

Laser tag especially is a surprisingly good workout – you are basically fast walking (no running!) for like an hour through the maze trying to sneak up on people to shoot them with your laser. Jack Bauer’s got nothing on me now – ha!

Laser Tag

After an awkward start, the night ended up being SO.MUCH.FUN. We played whirly ball and laser tag for over two hours and were drenched by the time we left. But not before enjoying some delicious cake plastered with Gary’s childhood face.

Gary's birthday cake

Bottom line: if you haven’t played whirly ball or laser tag since you were a kid (or ever, like me) and think “I’m way too old for that…” Think again! Your childhood self will thank you 🙂 Also, please invite me, k? Thanks!

Gary Whirly Ball

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I’m not going to lie, usually I get super geared up for the Olympics, but this year, I’m just not feelin’ it for some reason…maybe because there has been so much controversy with Putin and Russia, and Lindsay Vonn is out? (She will be a correspondent for NBC though.) I mean, for the 2012 Summer Olympics, I was ALL McKayla.Gabby.Aly.Kyla.Jordyn.Kerry.Misty.Michael.Ryan. and of course Usain Bolt! This year, I am embarrassed to say, I don’t have any favorites, YET…so, if you’re like me and haven’t been following all the pre-Olympics coverage, I’ve put together a little overview, so we can all get caught up before the opening ceremonies on February 7.

Sidenote, I usually love all things Ralph Lauren, but the U.S. team’s outfits this year?  HIDeous…I mean, what were they thinking?  Hopefully they will look better in-person on TV the night of the ceremonies?!  

Image from US Magazine

Image from US Magazine

Alright, now I’m getting more in the Olympic spirit – GO TEAM USA! GO ‘MERICA!