Mercury Is In Retrograde – Stay Home (in Yoga Pants) to be Safe

Ladies and gents, we are currently living in the three-ish week period when the planet slows its orbit around the sun and appears to be traveling backwards. You might be thinking “this doesn’t matter, just keep posting about food and … Continue reading

Second Self – Doing what You Love and Drinking Beer

This post is going to have multiple personalities – and I’m okay with that. This post is about two things I love – the pursuit of what makes you feel happy and fulfilled…and beer.

My new FAVORITE beer of all time (no, really) is the Thai Wheat from Second Self Beer Company. I could wax poetic about this beer for hours. Let’s also preface this with…I know nothing about beers except what tastes good. And this is good stuff. It has lemongrass and ginger and everything delicious. I’m told it’s dry and a spicy American-style wheat beer, which is great and all, but really it’s just amazing. Get it. Try it. Buy a lot but leave some for me. They have other good beers too, but I’m going to hold off talking about them and just hope the guys read this post and bring us back in for another taste test extravaganza.

Second Self Kegs Beer

So that’s the beer part of the post, now lets move on to the pursuit of happiness side. There are two guys behind Second Self, Georgia Tech grads and fraternity roommates, Jason Santamaria and Chris Doyle. Both Jason and Chris had (really good) corporate jobs in 2010 when they started Second Self, but what they LOVED was brewing beer. To them, brewing felt like it was their second life – what they were truly passionate about – not just what they “did.”

Thai Wheat Second Self

So, long story short, they quit their jobs and opened Second Self. And they LOVE it. It’s evident from the moment you talk to these guys that they are super passionate about what they do and love to share it with others. Heck, it’s why they named their company SECOND SELF.

Second Self Brewery Team

Jason is the company’s “beer architect” and deals with a lot of the business outside of the brewery. Chris is the company’s “Alechemist” and deals with what goes on inside the brewery, located in a warehouse building on Logan Circle in northwest Atlanta. But they are true partners when it comes to the flavors and recipes of the beers.

It made me think about how Kelly and I work. We are partners in everything we do, but we don’t always do it together. We rarely write posts together, we don’t take pictures for each other, we help each other achieve goals like working out consistently and remembering to branch out and try new cocktails – but we are equal partners. And we’re LOVING it. Peachtree Roadies has become a second self for us, and it’s really enriched our lives. We won’t be quitting our corporate jobs anytime soon, but it sure is nice to be able to work on something you are passionate about everyday. And I hope all of our readers have an outlet like that as well. So, do you? Let us know!

Second Self Atlanta

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Making the Most of Shorter Winter Days – Thursday Waylay

stop winter bluesWinter gives us the blues. It’s science and has almost nothing to do with the fact that we prefer dresses over pants, and tights are annoying.

So I’ve been on the hunt for ways to squeeze every drop of productiveness out of these shorter days until summer FINALLY gets here.

Today’s Waylay is full of the best links I’ve found, but let me know if I’m missing anything!

Also, if you don’t have time to read these here are the cliffs notes: sleep more, sleep better, move more, unplug, be with those you love, and trust.  Annnnnd go?

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Neon Lights

kelly neon lights 1

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