The Great One-Piece Swimsuit Debate

Most of the time women dress for women. Ask most guys what they think about really high-wasted jean shorts, fur vests or hunter boots and they probably just won’t have opinion. Women dress for other women – we appreciate the effort and honestly it’s a ton of fun (99% of the time when we aren’t running late and juggling 1,000 different balls)!

Smile One-Piece

But once in a blue moon guys get invested in fashion, and one area I’ve noticed a lot of involvement is in the swim category. This year, for the first time, I’ve decided it’s time to rock the one-piece on the beach. And let’s be clear, it’s not the frumpy one-piece with the skirt attached. It’s cute, it’s from the swim/resort mastermind herself, Trina Turk, and I love it. But Barrett was absolutely appalled. You would have thought I walked out wearing a space suit the first time he saw it.

One Piece Trina Suit

Walking in one-piece“You look like…a Mom” he said. My response? “I’ll take another boat drink, darling! Don’t skimp on the lime!”

Trina Turk One-Piece

I love this suit, I feel a tiny bit more confident in a one-piece and he can just deal with it. After all, I don’t say a word about his one-piece.

What do you think? Is it frumpy? Will you be wearing a one-piece in 2015?

Meg is wearing swimsuit: Trina Turk One Piece, sunglasses: Ray-Ban Mirrored Clubmaster Sunglasses, lack of tan c/o lots and lots of sunscreen and genetics, lipstain: YSL


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