Winter Beach Trip – Family Time by the Ocean

Palms in the Carib

The ocean has healing powers, don’t you think? Barrett and I recently escaped for a quick beach vacation earlier this month with his parents and had the BEST time!

If you’ve never been to the Caribbean start planning a trip NOW! We’ve been to the British Virgin Islands together, but never the U.S. version, so we wanted to see what St. John had to offer!

The days usually started with a couple beach “coffees”…

Beach Coffee

Chocolate Hole

And then we were off to the beach to clock in time on the sand, playing in the water and just spending time together.

B on the Beach

Toes in the Sand

We made sure to stay hydrated on the beach since we were constantly up running around, snorkeling, throwing the football and challenging each other to swim competitions.

Beach Chair Time

This is the point where we usually took a break for lunch and so I could reapply layers and layers of sunscreen (redhead problems!)

Palms Looking Up

Cocktails in the Carib

Shipwreck Landing

Then it was usually time to head home and catch the sunset from the balcony before making a pitcher of margaritas and settling in for the night.

Every once in awhile there is a very short rain cloud that pops up overhead, but let me tell you, the rainbows that follow are worth it!

Rainbow in Carib

And I can’t even begin to tell you how beautiful the sunsets were. The pictures just don’t do them justice. I guess you’ll just have to go. See you on the beach?

Sunset in St. John


3 thoughts on “Winter Beach Trip – Family Time by the Ocean

  1. I’ve heard fabulous things about St. John, so I am so glad you had a wonderful time! We went to BVI for our honeymoon, and that area of the world is simply breathtaking. I think a reunion trip is in my future!


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