Thursday Waylay – Fitness Wins and Failures of 2014

It’s been a fantastic first year, and we’ve covered a lot of ground on our site. When we started blogging one of our biggest goals was to be more active and explore fitness options across Atlanta. In fact, the idea of Peachtree Roadies was hatched one afternoon on a patio, post-workout, over mimosas and chain-restaurant salads. Fitness (and mimosas) are in the blog’s DNA (our personal DNAs maybe not as much) so it’s fitting that we do a quick recap of where we’ve been and where we’re going. Hope you enjoy our look back at 2014!


Fitness in 2015 – We’ve talked a little bit about our fitness plans for the 2015 – including embracing FREE fitness and not just traditional classes.

We tried a juice cleanse, and ALMOST finished it– We gave a three two one day juice cleanse a try, and LOVED how we felt, but didn’t exactly make it all the way. This was a fail, but we sure had fun with it and want to try it again in 2015!

Bamboo Juice Cleanse

I admitted that I hate running. It’s the worst. But I am working on it and am comitted to learning to at least like running this year.

We hosted an AWESOME blogger event at Pink Barre – complete with Vixen Vodka Cocktails, a fun workout and great ladies working on their ballet moves!

Barre Class - Pink Barre

We also found a couple gyms that just aren’t for us – but that’s okay! Orange has never been my color…

We tried a couple new workouts like spinning at Flywheel and the Megaformer (series of springs and pulleys that work muscles you didn’t know existed)

Kelly Megaformer

We put together a roundup of our five favorite gyms in Atlanta – It was a hard decision, but the work we put into research was way harder!

We even got the husbands involved and brought them with us to one of our favorite classes at Chaos Fitness!

ChaosAnd, finally, to kick off the New Year in style (literally), we spent last Saturday at Belk’s #fitftest learning some fierce new dance moves taught by the ladies of Fierce Funk, sipping shots of juice with Roots Juices, noshing on Kind bars, and taste testing kale salad. fitfest collage

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3 thoughts on “Thursday Waylay – Fitness Wins and Failures of 2014

  1. Girls – I am all about clean eating but I need someone to kick me in the butt when it comes to exercising. I seriously hate it. And I don’t know why. Aren’t people supposed to love going to the gym and running and pilates and all that nonsense? I decided one of my 2015 goals is to find at least one “sport” or activity that I at least like! 🙂

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