Christmas Cheer

santa in the window

Santa in the window at Granny’s house

Ever since I was a distant thought in my parents’ mind, my family has been spending the Christmas holiday in New Jersey. Even though I was born in Atlanta (#piedmontbaby), my parents are from neighboring New Jersey towns where most of our extended family still resides. When my sister and I were little, the excitement of driving 13+ hours every Christmas to see family was exhilarating, and the chance of snow? Just magical!

Over the years, even when the 13 hours turn into 17 hours of sharing the backseat with the dog, and the cold weather becomes a pain to pack for, the end result of being surrounded by family all day on Christmas is just priceless. (Especially when there are 17 people and 5 dogs on Christmas morning – dog-friendliness is a requirement in this household!)

30 years of New Jersey Christmases and counting for this girl!

Here is a review of our Christmas 2014 in pictures – hope you all had a great Holiday Season!

Cocktails and board games with the fam

Cocktails and board games with the fam

puppy snuggles

Puppy snuggles

christmas eve

Trying to get Louie to pose before church on Christmas Eve

muffintop shots

My Secret Santa gift of muffin top baking cups was put to good use with shots on Christmas Eve

christmas morning madness

Christmas Morning Madness (note: only 2 of 5 total dogs and 11 of 17 total people pictured)

brian christmas shirt

Brian’s FAVORITE Christmas present

christmas dinner

Christmas dinner wouldn’t be complete without lottery tickets and crackers!

Christmas night luminaries

Christmas night luminaries

family christmas

The whole gang

post christmas tennis

1st Annual Hoag/Kupfer/O’Neill/Pustilnik Tennis Tourney, and I came home with the trophy!

flynn's shower

Showering Flynn!

central park

A quick visit to Central Park

nyc tree

Christmas isn’t complete without a trip to THE tree 🙂

the black ant

Margaritas at The Black Ant in NYC

Grasshoppers for dinner at The Black Ant in NYC

Grasshoppers for dinner at The Black Ant in NYC

Volcano Bowls at Otto's Shrunken Head in NYC

Volcano Bowls and skeletons at Otto’s Shrunken Head in NYC

Until next year...

Until next year…


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