Introducing a Bodega-like Market in Atlanta

Atlanta Market Inman Park

New Yorkers and former New Yorkers (like me) alike are all-too-familiar with the bodegas that populate the streets of the big city. Ran out of creamer? Need to grab a banana or a bagel? Picking up a 6-pack? Craving a pint of ice cream? In desperate need of some Advil? Look no further than your own city block for the sometimes-shady-looking no-name-place that serves all your food, beverage and household needs.

Fruit Market

We had a bodega/café in the bottom of our old apartment building and the best bagel shop in the world right across the street, so to say we got a bit lazy at times is an understatement. New Yorkers are always on the go, and everything is already crazy expensive, so no one thinks twice about stopping into the local bodega for this or that on the way home from work. Most of them will deliver if you live close enough, which is an absolute necessity when it’s snowing outside and you are home sick, and in desperate need of 10 yellow Gatorades, 5 cans of soup and 2 boxes of saltines. And, if you live on the LES, you’re SUPER lucky because one of the best sandwich shops in the city is located in a bodega on Avenue B.

Bodegas don’t really translate to Atlanta, or many other cities for that matter. We have gas stations and mini-marts, but these are not of the same essence as the beloved bodegas. However, last week, the lovely Tori of Tori Allen PR invited Meg and me to a wine tasting at Market Across the Street. You may be thinking….wine tasting doesn’t really equate to the bodega setting you have described…and you would be right. BUT, that is only because wine is not sold at bodegas in NYC. (We also made that mistake the first year we lived in NYC. Brian stopped in a bodega on the way home from work to grab a bottle of wine. The selection was limited, but he didn’t think anything of it and grabbed the first bottle of red he saw. When he got home, I opened the bottle, poured a glass, took a sip and proceeded to spit it right back out – must have gone bad, right? Nope! He had purchased a bottle of “wine product” which is only like 5% alcohol and absolutely disgusting….we never made THAT mistake again….#onlyinnewyork)

Market Wine Tasting

Kelly Market

If you live in Inman Park, you are probably super familiar with the fabulous Mexican restaurant Across the Street, but have you ever been in the little market next door? Oh you have? Well, aren’t you just tookoolforskool! 😉 Truth-be-told, we don’t make it over to Inman Park nearly as often as we should, and there are so many great finds!

Like a bodega, the Market provides a one-stop shop for all your last minute needs, and sells an awesome selection of wine, beer, locally baked goods, fresh produce, goodies for the pets, and even gifts! The next time I head over to Inman Park to visit a friend, I will definitely be popping into the Market to pick up some goodies. Be sure to check it out the next time you’re in the neighborhood 🙂


Fun fact: Last year, during the Atlanta #Snowpocalypse, Market Across the Street was open and kept the Inman Park peeps fed and drunk while everything was shut down. The lovely owners live nearby and were able to keep things going during the storm – talk about committed to their community!


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