A Halfway House for Online Shopping Addicts

Hi, my name is Kelly and I am an online shopping addict. (Hi KELLY!) What’s funny about this is it’s actually Meg writing this MUHHAHAH! But really, Kelly is addicted… Online shopping is here to stay – but I think we can all agree it leaves something to be desired. I compare online shopping to reading a book on a Kindle – it will never beat a book from the library. You just don’t get that literary smell (smelling an electronic device makes you a really weird dude) or ink on your fingers from a tablet. BUT it has its place!

Luckily, we were introduced to an online/brick and mortar hybrid that serves as somewhat of a halfway house for virtual shopping cart fiends – Bonobos (say “bu-NO-bos”) Guideshop. How does this work, you ask?


Bonobos Buckhead Guideshop Launch Party

Step One: Make an appointment (usually an hour.) Try on anything you like and have a cold craft beer from the fridge (well, if you insist.)

Step Two: A knowledgeable Bonobos guide (bonus – they tend to be very fun to look at) will walk you through the entire Bonobos line and help you find your perfect fit.

Step Three: Walk out, no bags. A Guide will place your order and it will be shipped directly to your home or office. No baggage necessary. Easy peasy. 


Clearly, the idea of what’s convenient is changing – and Bonobos is banking on the fact that a great fit and shopping experience is more important to their customer than instant gratification (taking home a shopping bag.)

Does it work? Well, I left the store and ordered Stripes a pair of chinos for a holiday party – and they were on the steps a couple days later. It most likely had nothing to do with the amazing Moscow Mules they were serving at their opening party…




The Bonobos Guideshop Buckhead Atlanta is located at 3035 Peachtree Road NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30305. Hours of operation are Monday – Saturday from 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. and Sunday 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. and Guideshop appointments can be scheduled by visiting http://www.bonobos.com/guideshop or calling (678) 215-1617. Appointments are always complimentary.

Bonobos Buckhead Guideshop Launch Party

Bonobos Guideshop Buckhead Atlanta is the brand’s eleventh location nationwide and first Georgia location. Currently, Bonobos has Guideshop locations in Austin, Bethesda, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Georgetown, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and two in New York City, with plans to introduce the concept in additional domestic cities next year.

We’re linking up with 2 Cats And Chloe, and J at Bless Her Heart Y’all for the #Celebrate Southern Link-up!

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5 thoughts on “A Halfway House for Online Shopping Addicts

    • PS hope you don’t mind if I borrow one of your photos and I’ll make sure they know it comes from you! The professional photog didn’t get a picture of us plus you so I want to make sure you’re included!

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  2. Y’all always seem to be finding the most fun! How in the world do you always stay so busy and keep your agenda so packed with fun!? Looks like a great shop! And btw – who isn’t addicted to online shopping these days!! Amazon Prime has saved my christmas shopping sanity this year! Cheers y’all! And as always, thanks for joining the Celebrate Southern Linkup hosted by J and me! 🙂 xxoo

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