Peppermint Oreo Truffles Recipe #Blogmas14

I am not an avid baker, but when the holidays come around I love to make use of the Kitchenaid and get to work in the kitchen! Since 2008, our lovely friend Katherine of Buckhead Betty on a Budget has been hosting her Annual Cookie Exchange every year in early December. She recently moved to a beautiful house in Roswell, so this past Saturday we went up for a visit with 2 dozen cookies in tow.

I can’t claim that I haven’t brought slice-and-bakes (ahem, Meg ;)) in years past, but this year I wanted to do something a little different. I have been perfecting my peppermint oreo ball recipe over the years, and finally have it down to a science so I thought I’d share it with y’all! It may seem a little involved at first glance, but once you get the hang of it, the process move pretty quickly – and you don’t even have to turn on the oven!

And, we’re linking up with Blogmas 2014 for Day 10: Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipe!

peppermint truffle ingredients
(not pictured – the cream cheese!)
Ingredients (I have been making this for years, and got the original recipe from a co-worker, so no official recipe credit)
36 Oreos (1 package, NOT Doublestuffed)
1 (8oz) package cream cheese, softened (if you are like me and always forget to take out the cream cheese ahead of time to soften – just nuke it for 20ish seconds)
1 tsp peppermint extract
16-22 oz. of white chocolate chips (usually 1 (11oz) bag and 1/2 will do)
1/4 cup crushed candy canes or peppermint candies, for decorating
  1. Set a long sheet of wax paper (or parchment paper) over a cookie sheet, set aside.
  2. Place 36 Oreos (1 package) in a food processor and pulse until finely crushed (alternately if you don’t own a food processor you can place Oreos in a large Ziploc bag, seal bag and crush with a rolling pin (or wine bottle) until finely crushed, but a food processor is ideal to get the mixture really fine!). oreos
  3. Pour crushed Oreos into a mixing bowl. crumbled oreos
  4. In a separate mixing bowl, blend together cream cheese and peppermint extract (I use a hand mixer). cream cheese mixture peppermint extract
  5. Add cream cheese mixture to crushed Oreos and using the back of a spoon, stir mixture while pressing it along the bottom of the bowl, until well combined and evenly moistened. (You can also use your hands if the spoon is too awkward!) oreo mixture spoon
  6. Scoop mixture out (I use my hands) and form into 1 inch balls (if you happen to have a kitchen scale, they should be about 16 grams each) then align on prepared cookie sheet. oreo balls
  7. Place truffles in freezer (or fridge) for 10 minutes. oreo balls close up
  8. While truffles are cooling in fridge or freezer, melt white chocolate chips according to directions on package (I makeshift a double broiler and bring the water to a simmer, then continuously stir the chocolate so it doesn’t burn. Make sure not to take your eyes off the chocolate because it can burn up in seconds, then you have a BIG mess on your hands – I know from experience :(). white chocolate chips white chocolate melting
  9. Remove truffles from freezer/fridge and dip in melted chocolate. Try to evenly coat the truffles then allow excess chocolate to run off (plan to get good and messy during this step and don’t worry about how they look, they shouldn’t look perfect!)
  10. Return to baking sheet, immediately sprinkle tops with crushed candy canes (and red sprinkles if you like) then allow chocolate to set for about 20 minutes or so. oreo balls finished
  11. Store in an airtight container in refrigerator and serve!

13 thoughts on “Peppermint Oreo Truffles Recipe #Blogmas14

  1. I’ve made a normal version of Oreo Truffles before, but being that peppermint is my favorite flavor these look DELICIOUS. This is perfect for Christmas, and who wouldn’t love it. I’ll be making these for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

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