Happy Birthday Louie!

louie adoption

The first day we got him

Today marks our one-year anniversary of adopting our little Louie! Last November we took a trip up to North Georgia to bring home our little guy. He was a rescue dog, so since we don’t know his actual birthday, we are marking December 3rd as his birthday! Our poor baby boy was found roaming around the streets of North Georgia for weeks before he was finally caught and brought to a humane society (and boy is he fast for a little guy!). A kind woman fostered him until he was adopted and we were up against another family who also wanted to adopt him. Thankfully, we were lucky enough to adopt him, and after a few months of being a little skeptical of his new family, he now roams around like he owns the place!


All smiles!

Happy birthday mister buddy – you have brought so much joy to our lives over the last year and…we never thought we’d say this…but, you are welcome on the bed anytime 🙂

louie toys

Hoarding my toys

louie santa

Playing dress-up as Santa Clause (mommy made me do it!)


Just crossing my paws (because my legs are SO long)

Peachtree Roadies Stella and Dot Dogs

It’s really hot out here guys, I’d really like to come inside!

louie brian snow

I’m not so sure of this snow…


louie snow coat

Do I really need this coat, Mom?


kelly brian christmas louie

I hate posing when my mom picks me up.

Peachtree Roadies Masters

Why don’t they understand, I don’t like to be held…

kelly brian louie park christmas

They really love me 😉



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