A Tour Through Blogland


Part of our job as bloggers is to follow other blogs. We are pretty much addicted to our Bloglovin feed as a source of inspiration and ideas for our own little blog (and of course we love all the blanket scarf posts this fall – #scarfie is the new #selfie).

We were recently nominated by the fabulous J over at Bless Her Heart Y’all (her fashion sense is amazing, and we love seeing all her steals and deals!) for the Tour Through Blogland series. We have only actually met J once in person, but it was love at first meeting. I mean, her blog is called “Bless Her Heart Y’all” – how perfectly southern is that? If you don’t know J, be sure to check out her blog for all her great style tips and tricks.

Now, it’s our turn to share a few things about Peachtree Roadies and nominate 3 bloggers that we heart to continue the tour train!

  1. What are we working on?

I think a better question is what AREN’T we working on?! And the answer is sticking to our holiday shopping budgets! HA – kidding (mostly.) From a PeachtreeRoadies.com perspective we are working on continuing our Road to Fitness and creating open and honest posts about how HARD it is to keep health as a constant focus in our lives, and not just a background thought and justification to buy more yoga pants. If you know of any great workouts in the Atlanta-area (or video/online) please let us know! We are also planning to add a few fun new features to the blog in 2014, so keep following along with our blog-adventures!

  1. How does our work differ from others in its genre?

Good question. I think it’s our Starbucks cup selfies, love for blanket scarves, overuse of explanation marks and obsession with our dogs!!! #blessed. Oh wait, maybe not. I think it’s our humor – we tend to be pretty sarcastic – which is a fine line to walk – especially with sponsors and vendor partnerships. BUT, we think it is what sets us apart from the pack and makes us unique. And, (honestly), it’s an honest portrayal of who we are! Basically #wewokeuplikethis.

  1. Why do we write/create what we do?

It’s almost our one year anniversary, and neither of us knew if we would make it this far. That’s kind of the beauty of Peachtree Roadies. We started it because we thought it would be super fun to document our adventures in Atlanta and beyond – so we did. We came up with our business plan at brunch after several mimosas (we can’t say where because it was a chain and very off-brand, mmkay?) and launched the site the next day. There was no pressure to do this if it ever became a burden – but it has been AMAZING! We are having so much fun – and we feel so lucky that our readers stop by to hear what we have to say.  Yada, yada, yada, mush, mush, mush.

  1. How does our writing/creating process work?

Wine. Computer. Go.

And now, here are the 3 bloggers we nominate to continue this Tour Through Blogland – we know you’ll love them just as much as we do!

Nicole of Probably Polka Dots


We have been following Nicole since before we started blogging earlier this year, and continue to be obsessed with her effortless style, southern chic, and LOVE of polka dots. We finally got to meet Nicole in person last month, and we’ve been real-life friends ever since! Nicole embodies southern charm and city life with style.

About Nicole: I’m Nicole, and the blogger behind Probably Polka Dots. As a Georgia peach spreading the word about small business, style, the southern way of life, and everything in between, I believe in preserving the past, monogrammed linens, the healing power of chocolate, glass-bottle Cokes, Augusta National pimento cheese, & of course, wearing a lot of polka dots.  I live in Atlanta with my husband and our Jack Russell terrier mix, Ryan (who is quite the little lady herself). Come visit me!

Luisa of Peaches to Pearls

peaches to pearls

Luisa was one of the first bloggers we met on our blogger adventure, and we were smitten with her from day 1! She is the cutest thing you ever did see and she is sweet as can be. She balances being a newlywed, graduate school and finding the most fabulous fashion finds – not an easy feat! 

About Luisa: Hi I’m Luisa! I am originally from the beautiful country of Colombia in South America. I moved to the United States when I was two and grew up in a small town called Niceville. And before you ask, yes everyone is nice in Niceville.

After college I decided to leave the small town life and move to Atlanta. Moving changed my life forever because it introduced me to my passion of food. With an endless amount of eclectic restaurants to choose from, I decided to start a list of all the new places I tried. Two years later my list has grown to over 200 new restaurants in Atlanta. I quickly became the “go to” girl for finding new restaurants among my friends. My passion only continued as I began the journey of obtaining my Masters in Clinical Nutrition.  A few months ago I decided to start a blog on food and fashion called Peaches to Pearls. I share my favorite restaurants, fashion tips, and nutrition knowledge.

Join me in my journey through learning more about nutrition, trying new restaurants, and shopping on a student budget.

Monique of Casually Chic by Monique


Everyone knows Monique is a total babe, but what they might not know is she is one of the most genuinely kind, warm and SMART people we’ve come across in the Atlanta blog community. We have no idea how she has time to maintain her BEAUTIFUL corner of the internet, be a #girlboss in the business world and have time to pull together such amazing outfits – but every blog needs a wizard behind the curtain. 

About Monique: Casually Chic by Monique was started as an avenue for Monique to share her love for DIY’s, food, beauty, and fashion. Monique works in the business technology field and needed an escape from the ‘guys’ world. She focuses her content around the modern girl living on a budget – with the love for nice things. Monique also believes in living a healthy lifestyle, so be prepared for experimenting with all natural skincare, make-up, and gluten-sugar free recipes. Casually Chic by Monique appreciates each and every reader and their thoughts, and ends each post with a ‘Cheers’ … wishing all happiness!

We’re linking up with the lovely ladies of Bless Her Heart Y’all and 2 Cats & Chloe for the Celebrate Southern link-up this week – be sure to check it out! #CelebrateSouthern


15 thoughts on “A Tour Through Blogland

  1. What a great Tour Through Blogland post! I love Monique’s blog, but had no idea about Luisa’s or Nicole’s blog! That’s why I love this tour so much! Thanks for introducing me to two new amazing blogs, for saying such sweet things about my little slice of the blogosphere, and for joining Celebrate Southern again and again! xoxo loves!

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