A Table for One

ipad ceviche miami

I rarely travel for work, especially compared to my blog partner who seems to be jet-setting every other week and often to multiple places! And when I do travel, I am usually accompanied by colleagues and we share meals together. So, when I end up in Miami for work for two nights with a) no colleague companions and b) no friends in the city, I started to get very anxious about what I would do for meals! Who would I go out to eat with? Would I be stuck in my hotel room with bad room service? Would people look at me funny if I was eating by myself? I’m 30 years old and I’ve never really, intentionally dined out by myself. (Breakfast/lunch and eating at the hotel bar don’t count…)

After a few minutes of head spinning, I remembered this post from one of my favorite bloggers Cupcakes & Cashmere, and thought that maybe it wouldn’t be so horrible to be on my own for dinner. I spent a week in downtown Miami for business a couple of years ago, and we dined at amazing restaurants every night, so I definitely didn’t want to pass up going to some great spots just because I would be dining alone.

mojito and ceviche miami

The first night I was there I looked up nearby gyms and there was an exhale studio at the hotel next door. I signed up for a killer barre class that evening, and when I was done, I was too exhausted to make myself presentable to go out to eat. Instead, I picked up some takeout sushi and a bottle of wine and hunkered down in my hotel room to catch up on Scandal (Meg and I are slightly obsessed with OP if you didn’t know). I was perfectly content until I spilled soy sauce all over the fluffy white comforter and had to sleep in it that night (sorry housekeeping peeps!)….whoops! Never making that mistake again.

On my second night, I was determined to go to my favorite ceviche spot for dinner. Once the conference was done for the day, I hit the pool to catch the last few remaining rays of sunshine with a beer in hand (a little liquid courage so I wouldn’t chicken out on my plan!). Once it got too dark to be at the pool, I cleaned myself up and headed out around 6:30 for my first solo dining experience. It was a Friday night in Miami, and I could see that places were already hopping as I strolled along the city streets.

pisco sour

Good thing I didn’t have high hopes of sitting at a table, because the place was already quite crowded and there was a wait for tables. The happy hour crowd had begun to clear out of the bar, so the hostess was more than happy to seat me at a spot on the end. I brought my iPad along for company (I binge-read Big Little Lies for blogger book club), ordered up the house specialty pisco sour and perused the menu of ceviches. My bartender was awesome and really helpful with menu selection. As I devoured my ceviche (mine all mine), I took in the lively Miami atmosphere and enjoyed watching the tight/shiny/sparkling outfits walk by. I kind of loved sitting at the bar not having to make conversation with anyone or be bothered by the waiter coming by every second. I was able to be devoted to my delicious meal and didn’t even have to share 🙂

ceviche peruvian dish miami


4 thoughts on “A Table for One

  1. Go you! I was just planning a night of solo dining in SFO in a few weeks, too, as I’m taking a red-eye out after coworkers leave earlier that day. No way am I going to eat some lame airport meal. I already have some black truffle rice and a wine bar on my radar at my fav SFO spot! Your ceviche sounds awesome. Great idea on the iPad book. That always helps if the sight-seeing isn’t that great!

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  2. Thanks, Katherine 🙂 Yes, you should def do it in SF since there are SO many awesome places to eat and the airport doesn’t offer anything great!! Black truffle rice and wine sound delish…and yes, bring along the ipad or a book or magazine if you need some entertainment 🙂


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