Craft So Hard I Sweat Glitter – Holiday Wreaths w/ Craft Box Girls

Create Craft Box Girls

I’ve never been mistaken for Martha Stewart, but I dabble in crafts every once and awhile. There’s something so rewarding about setting out to make something – and then DOING it. A tangible reminder that, despite your husband’s skepticism, you have the domestic/creative goddess gene. I had the chance to flex that gene recently when my homemade heroes, The Craft Box Girls, held their Creative Studio event in ATL.

Craft Box Girls

What is Creative Studio you ask? It’s an inspiring, creative event that includes oodles of handcrafted goods from 50 local merchants (kind of like a Pop-up shop deal) weekend workshops taught by industry experts + food and cocktails.

I just LOVE Big Yellow Dog Designs – isn’t their branding beautiful?Big Yellow Dog Designs

Craft Box Girls Vendors

One more cool point before I launch into my favorite workshop/craft of the event – the venue had 6 design environments depicting rooms of the home, designed by The House of Katherine Leigh, an AMAZING residential design firm. It was so fun to see these beautifully styled spaces, and I picked up a couple design ideas for my own little bungalow.  


Sounds so amazing, right? It was. Luckily, you don’t have to wait for a Creative Studio to come your way – you can check them out online!

Now, onto the craft!! I got to make an AMAZING holiday wreath thanks to Courtney Covault and Lynn Lilly – the founders of Craft Box Girls. It was super easy and I KNOW you guys can do this at home if you want to. Here is the link to the video (similar wreath) so you can make your own! And just in case you need photographic evidence that I really did make this (I’m looking at you, Mom! 🙂 ) see the images below.Craft Box Wreath

A holiday wreathCraft Box Girls Wreath 2

Craft Box Girls Holiday Wreath

holiday Deco Mesh wreath

A beautiful Deco Mesh Holiday wreath

Isn’t it beautiful? It was SUCH a fun project! And, like the fantastic business partner I am, I gifted my wreath to Kelly since she was totally bummed she couldn’t attend the workshop. Now that I know how to make them I’m going to be a wreath making machine. I’m thinking silver and gold for my next one…

We’re linking up with the lovely ladies of Bless Her Heart Y’all and 2 Cats & Chloe for the Celebrate Southern link-up this week – be sure to check it out! #CelebrateSouthern


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