Road to Fitness: Bamboo Juices Body Cleanse

I woke up in the morning (the day after my indulgent birthday dinner at Nikolai’s Roof in ATL) super excited about the Bamboo health tonic body cleanse Kelly and I scheduled for the day! The holiday season is a perfect time to reset my eating patterns, plus I’ve been looking for a way to kickstart my health (that doesn’t involve running!). I woke up bright and early at 6:30 and headed to the kitchen for my first juice of the day!

bamboo juices

Bamboo provided a helpful timeline that we could follow to keep ourselves on track since it’s critical that you drink a juice every two hours and drink tons of water in between each. My first assignment started at 7!

bamboo juice cleanse

I kept a journal documenting all the juicy details! Enjoy!

7:00 AM: Warm water (8oz) and 1/2 of a lemon. Bamboo doesn’t provide the produce for this part of the cleanse, but I always try to have lemons on hand – so I’m ready to go! This is not having the same results as coffee. Must. Keep. Eyes. Open.

Lemon Water

8:00 AM: Coconut Almond Milk time! I had a feeling I was going to love this milk because I am a huge fan of both main ingredients! I was actually expecting a much sweeter milk, more like the Silk coconut milk I add to my coffee, so I was pleasantly surprised that it was a little more savory. It tastes SO fresh (I mean, it is fresh…) and light – I’m hooked. If the rest of the cleanse goes this well it’s going to be smooth sailing. YUM.

Bamboo Juice Cleanse

9:00 AM: Getting pretty hungry at this point. I check in with Kelly to see if she is also getting hungry (she isn’t.) I need to stop being a pig. Will have a glass of water and pretend that helps.

10:00 AM: Spinach Apple…I’m coming for you! I’m really hungry at this point – and this juice is HITTING THE SPOT. It’s honestly one of my favorite juices I’ve ever had. The combination of spinach, cucumber, green apple and lemon is so refreshing – the perfect sweet/tart combination. I drank it during my walk with Bocephus. It’s gone in about 20 seconds. That wasn’t smart – I don’t get another one for two hours…Bamboo Juices

Bamboo Spinach Apple Juice Cleanse

12:00 PM: LUNCH TIME! And by lunch I mean the delicious kick in the mouth of Lemon Ginger. I was particularly excited about this one because I am fighting the beginnings of a cold and I knew the ginger would give me a much needed immune boost. If it wasn’t the middle of the workday…and I wasn’t in the middle of a CLEANSE…I would recommend adding some champagne to this drink and to really get the party started…

Bamboo 3

1:00 PM: Thankfully I’m not feeling as hungry – and my energy level is certainly rising. It’s a noticeable difference from my usual after lunch slump. Still would like that cup of coffee tho…

2:00 PM: Of all the juices, I was most skeptical of the Red Pepper Melon. But on the flipside, I was the most excited about what this juice has to offer! This workhorse is  a liver flusher and rejuvenator that washes away fat, repairs your skin and helps the heart! Plus, the color is beautiful. I love peppers, so I enjoyed the taste, but if you don’t – plug your nose and chug! It’s worth it!

Bamboo Juice Cleanse

3:00 PM: Starting to feel a little juice logged – but at least the hunger is gone! And my energy continues to climb. I wonder if that is supposed to happen? I checked the Bamboo website and confirmed I must be doing something right! The juices allow your body to absorb all the essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes while allowing your digestive system to rest. Resting your digestive system promotes systematic cleansing and increases energy. Also, I’m no longer dreaming of burgers – so that’s a plus.

4:00 PM: The hunger is back – and it’s quickly escalating to hangry (my coworkers are thrilled.) This juice, sweet celery, promises to suppress my appetite with a thicker consistency and a serious amount of fresh, protein packed almond milk. Meanwhile, in slightly scarier news, the celery root works to cleanse your stomach and digestive tract of the “old junk” in your system. Welp…here goes nothing…

Bo Loves Bamboo

Bamboo Milk

5:00 PM: A lady would never describe what just happened here. But I feel like a million bucks. Moving on.

Okay, I need to hit you guys up with some #realtalk. I didn’t finish the cleanse. I stopped right here…(pausing for GASP!) I tried really hard, but yall – I was SO FULL! And I felt great. I know what you’re thinking…SO KEEP GOING – IT’S WORKING – WHAT KIND OF HEALTH BLOGGER ARE YOU. poser.

And you’re right. I didn’t complete my mission. But I was listening to my body and it said, girl I feel great. Save the rest of those juices for tomorrow morning and the coming days. Don’t force it! (Clearly my body is very communicative.) I woke up the next morning feeling AMAZING! So much energy, so light. It was truly a game changer. And I still have two more amazing juices to drink. So I feel like a winner. Haters need not apply!

Bamboo Juices was generous enough to provide the milks and juices for our 1 day cleanse – but the thoughts and opinions shared were all mine and my stomachs. Sorry we failed you, Bamboo! But we believe in your products and the results they deliver!!

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