Welcome to the Neighborhood: Orpheus Brewing

We like to think we keep you all (our lovely readers) in the know about the things you can’t miss around town. (Side note: Please let us know if there is a restaurant/bar/event/shop that we must check out for the blog – we love getting great recommendations from our readers!) Well, we have been sitting on something for a few weeks now, and we’re sorry about that. We like to get up our “hidden gem” reviews lickety split after we’ve found them, but sometimes we get behind on the ole’ blog editorial calendar.

Orpheus Meg Kelly

Without further ado, let us introduce you to (yay!) another brewery in town: Orpheus Brewing. It seems Atlanta is becoming a beer brewers dream these days! We spent a humid rainy (read: bad hair day) Saturday with the Orpheus Brewery gents tasting their wares. Orpheus considers themselves an artisanal brewery that features all sorts of different beers including saisons (my new favorite type of beer), sours (Meg discovered she loves sours!), hops and barrels – all of which are unique to the southeast.



So what makes Orpheus unique? Well, they will tell you it’s all about the beer local art and Greek mythology. Huh – what does that have ANYTHING to do with beer? Well, for each beer they brew, they commission a local artist to create a design specific to that beer. You might recognize the names Brandon Sadler and Peter Ferrari – the men behind some of the most celebrated art on walls around Atlanta. Brandon’s work is featured on the Atalanta cans and Peter for Lyric Ale. Part of what these guys love about beer is the stories that happen around it, making it a truly unique Georgia experience.


They are also passionate about Greek mythology, so each beer has a story behind it related to the writings of their namesake and ancient poet/musician/prophet Orpheus. Just stop in for a tasting and one of the guys will fill your ear with this stuff – it’s quite interesting, especially after a few tastes!

Our favorite “art” behind the beer is for Sykophantes – and we were fortunate enough the meet the artist, Molly Rose Freeman! In ancient Greece, “showing the fig” was a vulgar hand gesture, and Sykophantes means “one who shows the fig” – and you can see how the art really compliments the hundreds of pounds of figs and dark candy syrup that go into this beer!

Molly Rose Freeman

Molly Rose Freeman

The brewery is located right off of Piedmont Park on Dutch Valley (in walking distance to Couscous if you want to make a day of it!). The tasting room is right off of the warehouse where the beer is actually made (think the original barebones Sweetwater set-up). You can purchase a tasting glass or grab a free Dixie cup and let the tastings begin! At the sound of the bell, you can join the next tour to see the behind-the-scenes of beer-making. Visit their website for tasting room hours.



They just released their two flagship beers in cans, Atalanta (Creative Loafing’s Best New Beer of 2014) and Lyric Ale, so you can now grab a sick-pack at local retailers.

orpheus harp


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