Maintaining Friendships After Marriage – Girls Night IN at the Westin

First comes love, then comes marriage – but friends were there from the beginning…

If you’re lucky enough to marry your best friend (like I did) clink your champagne glass and pat yourself on the back. Stripes is the coolest person in the world to hang out with – he’s insanely funny, always up for a fun activity (although not the greatest at coming up WITH said activity – his only two suggestions are skeet shooting and playing golf), he’s kind, smart…but he doesn’t take the place of my friends.


He has about a 3 second tolerance for talking about my new favorite YSL lip stain that is, literally, changing my life or my obsession with coconut oil – and goodness knows those are topics that are worthy of conversation. That’s where my friends come in.

Relationships change when you get married. My friendships are different. But honestly, I think they are better. I no longer choose my friends based on their apartment’s proximity to the bar (just kidding, I rarely never did that) or their brunch food preferences. My friends are the people that have stood by me through numerous life stages and have enjoyed the ride!


Recently, Kelly and I were invited to a Girls Sleep Away Sneak Peek at the Westin Buckhead – a perfect excuse to squeeze in some much needed solo-friend time. The hotel recently completed a multi-million renovation (the new guest rooms are amazing!). The Westin is my go-to hotel when I’m traveling, mostly because of the Heavenly Bed (amiright?), but the Buckhead location has stepped up their game in BIG ways, including new 42-inch flat screen televisions, tons of natural elements (think new stone and walnut vanities) and spacious bathrooms.

The Westin Buckhead


That tub is calling my name. Is there anything better than a long, glorious soak in a super deep tub that you DONT have to clean? Ahhhhhhh…

Barrett never makes me feel guilty about spending time with my friends. He knows maintaining both shared and separate social lives boosts our marriage. Plus, he would never begrudge me for scooting on over to the Westin for champagne, amazing views of Atlanta and a chick flick. #yolo




Luckily, the Westin invited us back for a couples staycation later this month so Stripes will have a chance to check out the new space – right down the street from his office! Can’t wait to try out the pool and the amazing fitness center – then celebrate with a delicious dinner at The Palm! Stay tuned!

What are your tips for making time for friends when you’re in a relationship?

Pool at the Westin Buckhead

Thanks to Starwood Hotels for hosting us for this wonderful evening! We were compensated for this post, but our love for The Westin, and their new renovation, is all ours!  For more information, please visit

The Westin


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