I hate running.

I hate running.

I am very, very good at making excuses not to workout. Give me 10 minutes and I can talk myself out of going to the gym, on the way to the gym, in my gym clothes. Popular excuses include not enough time, Bocephus will get too lonely, I’m too hungry and recently, there isn’t enough daylight. I know, it’s lame – but it’s #realtalk.


I usually get home pretty late from work, so I’ve missed the 5:30 and 6 o’clock classes, and I do need to let Bocephus out & pay LOTS of attention to him ASAP. I can’t stand just taking him on a quick walk and running out the door again – I feel so selfish – and you should see those puppy dog eyes. What’s a girl to do? Lace up my running shoes, throw a leash on my 80 pound lab and hit the pavement. What other choice do I have?


I’ve NEVER been a runner. I was an athlete in high school and college, but you would never find me running unless there was a soccer ball I was chasing down, a coach was FORCING me to do sprints or there was free food/drinks in a 3 mile radius. Aimlessly running is basically torture to me. What’s the point? What’s the reward in moving forward without a goal (a ball, a basket, a net, etc.)? Note: I still don’t have an answer to this.

I’m trying to change my mindset, but it’s not changing very quickly. Oh well, too bad – I’m going to force it. I’m trying to chase down that illusive runner’s high that is supposed to kick in. So far, no luck. I’ve considered Couch to 5k, but it’s not really the distance that’s the issue – it’s the boredom and lack of motivation. Races aren’t really my thing – I don’t understand why I would pay to run on public city streets? I’ve bought a couple new outfits to get me excited about running, but they’ve seen more “lounging” action than anything else.

Running 2

Internet please help me find motivation. The road to fitness is long and winding, my friends.


12 thoughts on “I hate running.

  1. I’m still convinced runner’s high doesn’t exist – I really do enjoy running down neighborhood streets that I normally wouldn’t drive down or drive by quickly to check out the houses and other fun stuff you wouldn’t notice otherwise.


  2. Perhaps it would be helpful to consider what WOULD get you motivated to run. You don’t have to like running and you don’t have to run. The dog is one motivation you mentioned. Clothes can get you out the door a time or two, but won’t sustain you. The trouble with running is that it doesn’t necessarily get easier the more you do it.

    If you want to really explore being a runner, let me know. I’m a certified running coach, but have a pretty volatile love/hate relationship with running. 🙂


  3. I could not agree more. I too find that running is complete torture. A walk, though? That I can get behind. Atlanta magazine published a great list of local hikes. Hubby has been trying them the past few weeks and says they’re great! Let me know if you need to borrow the issue 🙂

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  4. Girl I am all about some crazy obsessive clean eating if it means I don’t have to run or do too much exercising. I don’t know why I passionately hate exercise. I mean, it’s good for you and it’s “sometimes” fun… why don’t I like it?! I need to change my “it’s a chore” mentality I guess….


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