Finding a Creative Community in Atlanta for Our Blog

We interrupt your usual Thursday Waylay programming to bring you a special roundup….

Peachtree Roadies is almost a year old (time is FLYING) and we feel so fortunate to have a fantastic group of readers (THANK YOU), supportive husbands who eat food only after it’s been photographed and a great city that provides the perfect backdrop to our adventures. But we’ve also had the pleasure of meeting and working with a great group of women (and men) over the last 10 months.

The Girls - Across the StreetAcross the Street


The support and encouragement we’ve received from this great group of fellow Atlanta bloggers, PR mavens, media, photographers and other creative talents has been such a treat, and at the risk of sounding cynical, unexpected. In an area that could be full of competition we’ve found camaraderie and a really fun group of women who enjoy margaritas and cheese dip as much as we do – which is no easy task!

PR Ladies - Across the Street

Thanks to Tori Allen PR for partnering with us for this great event – and to Across the Street for the deliciously dangerous margaritas that kept all of us up way past our bedtimes.

Atlanta Bloggers

Thanks to the following wonderful women for joining us!

Tori, Tori Allen PR (Our fabulous hostess!)

(We didn’t make it around with our camera to grab a shot of everyone – what a shame!! – but we DID have a professional photographer on site to help us improve our skills. Thanks, Larissa!)

Larissa Across the Street


4 thoughts on “Finding a Creative Community in Atlanta for Our Blog

  1. Awww, I loved this event so so so much! It was, sincerely, the best blogger event I have ever attended. I just loved the camaraderie, the spirit, and the just plain NICE way everyone treated each other. As you mentioned, it has come to be a little unexpected in a world of competition, but I am thankful to have found genuine friends in each of you. I hope this becomes a monthly meet-up!!!!!


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