Dating My Husband

Rays on the River Date Night

Last week Stripes and I were invited to the Ray’s on the River 30th anniversary bash – a party not to be missed since the setting of Ray’s flagship restaurant is INCREDIBLE, they had live music from Yacht Rock Revue (one of our favs – they played at our wedding – and that’s why we’re wearing those goofy awesome hats!) and the food was sure to be fantastic.

Rays on the River

On the way there we were discussing how fun it was that we were able to have a weekday date night when our Uber driver dropped a bomb on us:

Uber driver: “Oh wow, I thought you guys were married – turns out you’re on a date.”

Me: “We’re married AND we’re on a date!”

Uber driver: “Nah, if you’re married you don’t go on dates. You’re married, that’s it. He doesn’t have to date you anymore.”

Me: **GASP** “AS IF!” (Unfortunately for him I had just watched Clueless on TV.)

Can you BELIEVE that? Do people really think this way? I asked Stripes what he thought and he quickly agreed with me, a sure sign that he was just trying to stay out of trouble and shut down the conversation so he could focus on finding the bar and the chicken finger food station (which was incredible, by the way!).

Rays on the River Cocktails

I think dates are very important when you’re married! Living with Stripes is so incredible, and I’m very grateful for the little moments I get to experience with him everyday, but (for me – I’m not speaking for all married people) going on “dates” is a must – the extra effort we put into it feels very romantic.

Barrett at Rays

Barrett at Rays 3

Meg at Rays

This beautiful event was the perfect example! The setting, right on the Chattahoochee river, is stunning. We danced and reminisced about our wedding, had AMAZING lobster rolls and cocktails, and caught up on life since we had both been traveling for a couple of days. It was perfect, and most certainly a date! 

Rays on the River 2

Lobster Rolls

Yacht Rock RaysRays on The River Anniv

We can’t wait to go back to Ray’s on the River – and can’t wait to see what they come up with in the next 30 years! Cheers to more married date nights to come!

Date Night at Rays


One thought on “Dating My Husband

  1. I totally and completely agree that dating after you’re married is still important. It’s so easy to get pulled into the daily routine, and it’s great to be reminded why you fell for the other person to begin with. Date away!


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