Southern Thanksgiving in the Midwest – What to Wear

People…LISTEN UP! There are 50 days left until Thanksgiving. How exciting is that? We are packing up Bocephus and a bottle of bourbon and heading home to Ohio for the holiday (HOORAY!!) and I can’t wait to see the fam and be back in the Midwest. Unfortunately, the man I married doesn’t feel the same about America’s Heartland. The breadbasket. The land of a bazillion lakes.
 Stripes starts to get the shakes when he crosses the Mason Dixon line. He loves my family, and can’t wait to ride my dad’s antique tractor around the property, watch Sons of Anarchy and sit on the porch with a cocktail, but he has a hard time with cooler weather (anything under 80 degrees requires a Barbour coat in his mind) and the lack of southern accents. SO, to ease his pain I’m buying him a new outfit that allows him to wear his Southern pride on his sleeve…literally. Let me know what you think of my picks!Southern Thanksgiving in the Midwest
All of these items are from our favorite destination for all things Southern Prep: Country Club Prep! We received no compensation for this post (although they have hooked us up in the past,) we just think this shop is cooler than tennis whites.
Also, I’m coming for you pumpkin pie!! Bring on Thanksgiving!

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