When Life gives you Lemons…Drink Moscow Mules

The Artmore Hotel ATL

Summer was busy. Summer was REALLY busy. Between work travel, fun travel and a calendar packed with really fun and exciting social events I’m all but pooped.

For me (Meg) being on the go, 24/7 leads to exhaustion, which leads to feeling a bit overwhelmed and frazzled. I’m the kind of girl who likes to plan for two quiet nights at home with Bocephus during the week to stay sane.

For Kelly a calendar can never be too full, and not having a fun event with her husband and friends every night of the week is pretty much unacceptable – and downright boring!

Kelly Artmore Hotel

But what we both can agree on is the importance of having nights dedicated to great girlfriends and a beautiful happy hour spot to breakup the work week and give us something to look forward to.

Artmore Hotel Cocktail Garden

Kelly Artmore Happy Hour

Even an hour spent with a delicious cocktail and a best bud can really turn a wonky week around. Seeing women enjoy each other’s company is so uplifting to me. As we all know, women tend to feel very competitive with each other, so finding friends who want the very best for you and support you and what makes you happy can be hard work – but well worth it.

Meg Artmore Happy Hour

As I get older I find that I need my girlfriends MORE – not less – as life gets a little more complicated (which isn’t a bad thing!) My friends are starting their own companies, having babies, moving across the country (which needs to stop, by the way) and the support of friends has never been more critical.

But support is always a little more fun with a cocktail – and if you are in Atlanta we recommend the Artmore Hotel in Midtown. I mean, can you believe how cool this cocktail garden is? The Moscow Mules are also amazeballs.

Titos Moscow Mules

Artmore Lobby

It’s just a $10 Uber ride from Buckhead, making it a perfect “meet in the middle” spot no matter where you live in Atlanta. The indoor bar was also super packed, but how can you resist sitting outside on such a beautiful patio with a glass of red wine (which we had once we finished the mules…).

The Artmore Hotel was kind enough to sponsor our happy hour adventure, but all thoughts about cocktails and friendships are our own – although we think they would agree 🙂

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