Toasting at Trader Vic’s Atlanta

This year marks the 70th Anniversary of America’s favorite fruity alcoholic beverage: the Mai Tai (pronounced “My Tie”). If you’ve never had a Mai Tai, head on over to Trader Vic’s Atlanta ASAP and order one right up! However, I recommend going after business hours and planning to Uber home because those drinks are lethal!


In celebration of the mai-mentous occasion, Trader Vic’s locations around the globe hosted a “Toast Around the World” starting in Tokyo and ending in California – the Home of the Original Mai Tai. We are never ones to pass on a celebration where there are fruity cocktails involved, so we invited along some friends to join us for the toast last Friday night in Atlanta.

photo 2

We always love getting a fun group together for a dinner party (especially at an off-the-beaten path spot) and that night was no exception! We rounded up a few of our favorite peeps and embarked on a night to remember! I love getting people together who don’t know each other super well – it makes for fun conversations and creates new connections.

photo 1

We enjoyed rounds of Mai Tais and even a Rum Keg before the night was out. Thank goodness, we were treated to some yummy apps to soak up all the alcohol. The spare ribs and crab Rangoon are my fave! Then, following the big toast at 9pm, we ordered our entrees. Trader Vic’s custom-made wood-fired Chinese Oven offered a yummy mix of Polynesian/Chinese/Cantonese fare.

trader vic's apps

DSC_0048 DSC_0049

We each got to take home an anniversary keepsake glass (or two…) and I can’t wait to mix up a Mai Tai at home very soon! The next time you’re downtown, give Trader Vic’s a try – the atmosphere will transport you away to an island oasis with all the rum drinks you can dream of!

photo 3

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