Off the Peachtree Path – Atlanta’s Hidden Gems

When I got the invitation to join Atlanta foodies at the Creative Loafing Best of Atlanta party I was super excited about the food:


And the drinks:

Best of Atlanta Bourbon

And they certainly didn’t disappoint. Community Q BBQ was there with their crack Mac & Cheese, Waffle House had a WAFFLE TRUCK on site, and Goose Island and Larceny Bourbon were pouring generously.

Best of Atlanta - Waffle House

But what I didn’t expect was to be blown away by a space I’ve been to a handful of times but never appreciated enough – The Goat Farm.

Best of Atlanta Windows

Atlanta is sprinkled with hidden gems, and this is certainly one of them. Most of the events I’ve been to at The Goat Farm have been so packed it has overpowered the awesome backdrop – but we were able to arrive a couple hours early to get a sneak peek of the event – and it blew me away.

Best of Atlanta Fan

Best of Atlanta Ivy

Thank you to the wonderful Tori Allen, President of Tori Allen PR, for the tickets!

TAPR Headshot 2


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