Seeing Double – Why Two Bloggers Are Better than One

One of the most common things we hear when we tell people we co-write Peachtree Roadies is “half the work, right? So smart!” And the’re right! There are a million fun things about working on this blog together. We have a built-in best friend at media and blogger events, we can take turns running the blog (which is especially helpful when one of us is on the road or super busy) and we offer our readers two unique perspectives – which is one of the main reasons we thought two would be better than one for our blog vision!

But what they may not know is how hard we work to make sure both of our unique perspectives are reflected in everything we do – from our logo to the headlines of our posts. It requires a lot of brainstorming sessions – and a ton of compromise. So how do we handle those issues? A lot of wine and good food!

Tin Drum Bowls

For example, last week Tin Drum invited us to try their new “Smokin’ Korean BBQ” dishes they are featuring this fall. It was my first time trying Kimchi – The bowl also came with Korean barbecue steak, steamed rice and was topped with a fried egg and a dash of seaweed. Yum!

We also tried the Seoul Steak Bowl which has Korean barbecue steak, traditional soba noodles, red pepper and daikon salad, bean sprouts and fresh spinach sprinkled with sesame seeds. The noodles were awesome and I loved the spice.

Tim Drum 2

The partnership is MORE than worth the compromise – and I can’t imagine a better blog partner than Kelly. I’m very grateful for my better (blog) half and love sharing this corner of the internet with her!


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