Texas Travels #thebullocksyall (Part II)

Part II of our Texas adventure captures the most important day of all: Wedding Day for #thebullocksyall! If you missed Texas Travels Part I,  mosey on over to check it out!

Texas Tubes

The morning after the welcome party, we got a bit of a late start, but managed to make it on the river by noon. We rented tubes from Texas Tubes (located right next door to the river cottages) and plopped in the river with our makeshift coolers of beer made out of plastic bags and ice #classy. The ice proceeded to melt within about 5 minutes of being on the river, so warm beers we drank for the afternoon. The river moved about as fast as molasses (no really, we tied up and had to take turns paddling to move it along or else we would totally have been late for the wedding!), but there were a few chutes/rapids where we really got going! Hold onto your beers!

tubing river

We were STARVING by the time we finished up on the river (maybe because I woke up too late for a real breakfast) and rode the school bus back to the cottages. We stumbled into the closest food establishment we could find in need of food and agua. We probably should have tried a little harder to find a place to eat, but we settled for the wimpy brisket sandwiches, grilled cheese, and nachos with about two drops of cheese. BUT, they did have a wide selection of frozen drinks #FTW, which were SO refreshing after sipping on warm beers in the sun all day.

Frozen drinks


That evening, after some pre-party pics, we took a party bus (complete with poles and black pleather seats) over to the GORGEOUS outdoor wedding location for the main event. The bride and groom were simply stunning and they couldn’t have picked a more perfect venue for a ceremony.

wedding collage


They also lucked out with perfect weather – a cloud stayed over us throughout the ceremony so we weren’t schweaty for the reception. We did however welcome the A/C when we headed indoors for the reception and were treated to some local Texas favorites for dinner. The corn pie was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted – oh so cheesy and creamy! We worked off all the calories consumed by dancing the night away and fawning over the adorable newlyweds.




After the wedding, everyone party-bussed it back to a bar downtown to hang out for a bit. Once I got a bout of the hiccups, it was time to call it a night! Such a fun wedding with great friends 🙂

night cap

The next morning, we grabbed some breakfast and coffee, and then parted ways with the group for Austin. We grabbed a taco lunch at Torchy’s Tacos, and the cheese dip and fried avocado taco were out of this world! We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around Austin and the UT campus. After a bit of walking, the Texas heat finally got to us and we headed to the airport to catch our flight.

torcy's tacos

torcy's tacos

image (71) image (70)

Our flight got delayed (#southwestproblems), so I had plenty of time to wait in the ridiculously long line for Amy’s Ice Cream, and I am sure glad I did! We desperately needed the cool, creamy treat after a couple of days in the sun!

amy's ice cream

Texas, I am still recovering from our knockout visit, but I cannot WAIT to make a return trip – maybe in the winter though 🙂


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