What’s Cooler than Cold…Pressed Juice? Nothing.

Suja_Cold Pressed Juice

I’m a juice junkie. My husband is a juice junkie. We admit we have a problem – but we aren’t trying to fix it. We hopped on the juice bandwagon fashionably late, but we’ve made up for our tardiness with sheer volume of juices purchased. It’s really the only healthy thing we consistently do, and it’s gloriously yuppie – so that doesn’t hurt.


But I completely understand people’s hesitation to join us in our obsession with juicing. Its expensive, messy and extremely time consuming to make at home and a hassle to find a solid local establishment (our favorite is across the city – check out our cold-pressed juice roundup here). Well, I have bad news for you – I’m about to eliminate any excuse you have to not join me in my juice wagon – Suja.

Suja_Cold Pressed Juice2

MOVE OVER NAKED AND ODWALLA – there is a new, better tasting, higher quality, organic sheriff in town. Suja, is the the fastest growing cold-pressed beverage company in the U.S. – and for very good reason – one of those reasons being their third line of Organic & Non-GMO cold-pressured beverages, Suja Essentials.

  • Its seriously inexpensive (comparably) – Suja Essentials retails for $3.99 in Publix, Kroger, Safeway and Wegman’s nationwide and is actually the only organic, non-GMO cold-pressured juice under $5.
  • This isn’t a heath scam (cough, cough Vitamin Water) – Suja Essentials contains about 20% less sugar than other brands, contains no added natural flavors or colors and are created, sourced and manufactured in California – the home of happy fruit and veggies.
  • The company is about to explode – Fun fact, Suja was also named #3 in Forbes Most Promising Companies in 2014 (naturally, PeachtreeRoadies.com was named #4).

Suja Juice


Let’s talk about the negatives:

  • It’s not locally sourced – California is a long way away from Georgia, and like any part-time health nut I prefer local when possible. BUT – this won’t stop me from making Suja my primary juice source. I will just have to give them a pardon on this one.
  • While it’s very low in sugar comparatively, it’s still pretty sweet – There is a high amount of natural sugar in the fruit that is used. However, you’ll find that in any juice with fruit – it’s part of the deal. Also, we loved the co-founder’s words of wisdom: waste = weight! Which do you think your body would prefer to use as energy?That soda with the bad-for-you-sweeteners OR the natural-good-for-you fruits in juice? You decide, but for us the decision is clear! Twelve Essentials and Lemon Love are two low-sugar Suja options.

Ladies who LOVE Suja at a Juice and Champs Happy Hour in Atlanta!

I got a group of juice connoisseurs together to have a tasting party and review the different flavors. People were SHOCKED by the price given the high-quality of the juice! Below are their reviews:

  • Mango Magic – fresh/light/sweet/fruity taste, great for breakfast, ginger adds spice but doesn’t overpower the flavor. Fruits of apple, mango, orange, pineapple and banana mix well.
  • Berry Goodness – Bittersweet.  I like the taste since it’s not too sweet or bitter, seems just right. The texture is ok, but it had some lumpy sections which distracted from the experience. As for the nutrition, everything is organic but it could have a bit less fruit and some vegetables.  This would lower the sugar content which is comparable to a 20 oz Coca-Cola.
  • Green Delight – mix of fruit and veggies makes this a winner (ie cant taste the kale, spinach and alfalfa).  Apple banana, mango and lemon are the fruits. This one is my favorite – I could drink it every.darn.day (and probably will!)
  • Mighty Green – The vegetable mix tastes good! Which is impressive because that’s not always the case when companies are able cram so many strong tasting vegetables into the mix. The taste has strong hints of limes, celery and kale which are complemented by the rest of the vegetables to make a good flavor. Overall this is a great drink because of the good taste, low calorie/sugar and high diverse vegetable selection.

Dog Approved Suja

No, Bosephus was not one of the taste testers – but he did sneak a taste and his favorite is the Mighty Green as well. Louie prefers the Mango Magic.


Suja provided the juice. So there’s that. But we wouldn’t lead you astray – this juice is awesome and their greens have definitely earned our hard earned green.


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