Thursday Waylay – Link Roundup

What to wear:

JEANS!! We hereby declare Fall the season of denim! Is there anything better than a great pair of jeans and a chunky sweater or cardigan? Of course there isn’t! Cupackes & Cashmere went straight to the experts, Toni Spencer and Jenny Graham, of Velvet by Graham & Spencer – who just launched their inaugural line of perfectly-worn-in jeans, to get the low-down-denim scoop this fall.

Photo Cred: Cupcakes & Cashmere

Photo Cred: Cupcakes & Cashmere

What to drink:

Wine. While working out. Say WHAT? According to a bunch of wine nerds (I say that with the upmost respect and jealousy) have found that that the combination of moderate wine drinking plus regular exercise improves markers of atherosclerosis – suggesting that this combination is protective against cardiovascular disease.” DRINK UP FRIENDS!

What to read:

Being an adult isn’t all fun & games. Buying trampolines instead of a living room couch for seating (wait, who did that?) isn’t responsible. Bustle shares 9 Things No One Tells You about Being a Grown-Up.


What to celebrate:

“While there’s never a right time to walk away from $2 billion in revenue, this was the right time” — CVS’s president and CEO. CVS Caremark also changed its name to CVS Health, which will affect approximately zero people considering everyone just calls it plain ol’ CVS anyway…Regardless – CHEERS to CVS and a healthier world!

What to eat:

It’s the great tailgate debate! Now that football is back it’s time to focus on the food, right? Well, at least for me it is. StyleBlueprint investigative reporters gave us the breakdown on what Southern chefs wish would disappear from all tailgate spreads, as well as their favs (snacks, not teams) for this season.



**And congrats to Kristin – the winner of the free class at Pink Barre! Happy tucking!**


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