Rocking Out at Roc House Fitness Spa


Throughout our #RoadtoFitness, we have definitely favored the more female-friendly workouts (PinkBarre, Barre3, Exhale, West Coast). Feeling like we’re part of a community, being surrounded by other women working their tushes off, and showing off our cute workout wear are all major pros in our workout world. When we got a free 10-day pass from ROC House for attending a Modern Luxury event at the spa (where we met the one-and-only Cindy Rodeo!), we were pumped to try it out! Have you been wondering what they did with the former Aveda salon space? Well, they turned it into a half spa/salon, half workout facility.


From the website: Our philosophy at ROC House Women’s Fitness Spa is to physically, spiritually and emotionally eliminate the stress of our clients’ daily lives. Our number one goal is to support our members in the quest to develop or maintain a lifestyle of Health, Beauty and Wellness. We pride ourselves on integrity and ingenuity, and understand that with hard work and a strong support system, our clients can achieve their goals. A sanctuary for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes, we want you to feel comfortable, reach personal milestones, and live better while having fun!


We tried out a variety of classes during our trial – TRX Circuit, Vinyasa Yoga, TRX & Row Fusion, and Happy Hour – to get the full experience. It’s super easy to sign up for classes via the Mind Body Connect site/app, and they offer a variety of classes at times we can make. There really is something for everyone on their class schedule. And, we never ran into a situation where classes filled up, which was nice. The overall class size was about 10 ladies and in some cases less than 5, so we really got a lot of instructor attention (whether we wanted it or not!) The one class we didn’t get to try was Sultry Chair – how fun does that sound?!




The space is set up with the spa/salon area on the main floor with lots of nice natural light and open space. They also have a café on this level, but we never really saw anyone working behind the counter, so not sure about the hours. You walk downstairs to a full locker room stocked with showers, lockers, towels and hair and body products. Also downstairs is the gym. There is a spin room, a workout room where we took all the classes, and a couple other rooms filled with weightlifting equipment, treadmills, Stairmasters, and ellipticals galore! No natural light down there and lots of concrete, making it feel a little cave-like at times.



The first class Meg and I took together was TRX Circuit and Takeela (sounds like Tequila) nearly killed us. TRX is not for the faint of heart, but I see why people love it – because you are using your own bodyweight to build muscle. With TRX, you don’t have to lift weights like a body builder to get results. She ran us around through a circuit of TRX, cardio and other strength training moves for a solid hour, which was about all we could take! (We were even featured in a video on their Instagram – feel free to laugh at us, we can take it.)

The next class we took was Vinyasa Yoga with Maggie (such a sweetie!). We realized we haven’t done much yoga here on the blog, so stay tuned for more yoga posts coming soon. Maggie started us off with some great breathing exercises that we can use outside of the yoga studio on a stressful day. Her voice is so soothing, which helped put us in the yogi mindset for class. She stuck with some basic poses for us since we are pretty new to yoga, but we finally learned how to properly do “downward dog” and “warrior pose”, so that in and of itself is a success. We felt very relaxed afterward and realized we need more yoga in our lives!


I took a Happy Hour class on Friday afternoon with Quinten. When I signed up, I figured it would be perfect to get in a quick Friday workout before my real happy hour began. My “quick Friday workout” turned into Quinten trying to kill me on the Stairmaster! No really, I did take a little fall on the crazy high Stairmaster, but got back up there like a champ. Not Quinten’s fault at all BTW – I am just super clumsy. We did half strength training, then half cardio, and after going back and forth between the treadmill and the Stairmaster for 30 minutes, I nearly passed out. I was sore all weekend, but in a good way! I obviously need more cardio in my life – the other girls in the class were actually talking on the treadmills, while I was gasping for air and using hand motions to signal how much further I had to go.


After Happy Hour

Location: 5 – I have to give this a 5 because, yes it is right in the heart of Buckhead at Peachtree and Piedmont, but that also means it is right in the heart of Buckhead traffic. It took me almost 45 minute to get to a 5:30 class on Friday because of the insane after work traffic on that stretch of Piedmont. There is ample parking once you turn in though, and it’s a short walk to the entrance.

Instructors: 9 – We loved all our instructors – they knew how to push us, but also make it fun. They also made an effort to get to know us newbies and make us feel comfortable, which also meant they could pick on us throughout class for going to slow – no hiding in the back with these guys and gals!

Workout: 9 – Our little tushes sure were tired and sore after a few days at ROC House. We also loved the variety of classes we got to take – we love our barre classes, but we need to add a lot a little more cardio and yoga to our lives! You could tell that there were a lot of regulars at some of the classes we attended, who all knew each other and were chatting it up. There is a nice sense of community among the ladies working out together, which is what ROC House is striving for.

Ambiance: 4 – This is where we have to get real y’all (that’s why you read us, right?)…the overall vibe and feel of the place isn’t for us. First of all, they have this huge beautiful welcoming space upstairs where the spa is, then you go downstairs and the gym feels a little cramped. Maybe it’s the lighting or the low ceilings, but I wouldn’t want to walk on the treadmill for any length of time down there. Plus, it seemed like everyone was there for the classes – I didn’t see many people using the other gym equipment at all. Which, if you look at the positive, that means you aren’t fighting anyone for your favorite elliptical, right?

While this place isn’t for us (you know we’re sticklers for our ambiance factors), if you work or live in Buckhead and are looking for an alternative to the crazy-crowded LA Fitness, ROC House could very well be your jam!


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