Recharging my Batteries in The Heart of it All

Ohio’s nickname is “The Heart of It All”, allegedly because of its shape (kind of like a heart) and its critical role in “America’s Heartland” (the distinction coming from the Midwest agricultural sector coupled with the Great Lakes industrial base.) However, for me this nickname rings true because it’s where my Mom & Dad live – making it my very favorite travel destination.

Bubbs and Meg

Whenever I come home my mom asks ‘what do you want to do while you’re here?’ and every time I answer ‘JUST BE WITH YOU GUYS!’ That’s the very best thing about coming home – it’s better when we’re together – and it doesn’t matter what’s on the agenda.

My parents live in the most beautiful house in Delaware, Ohio, built in 1820 (which dates back before the Civil War for those who are keeping score!).

Beautiful Pollock Road

Pollock Rd

And it wouldn’t be complete with a big, beautiful barn and a yard full of the cutest, sweetest barn kitties you could ever ask for.

The Barn

Georgie Bill



Whenever I come home I spend plenty of time sitting on the front porch with a glass of wine and a kitty on my lap hanging out with the fam.

Mom and Bubbs

Pollock Road

Dad and Bubbs


This trip I was really lucky because my big brother, who lives in Seattle, was in town for the 34th Annual National Pike Steam, Gas, & Horse Association Show in Brownsville, PA. I don’t get to see him nearly as much as I would like to – so it was a real treat.

Bubbs on the Cat

Bubbs on the Marion

Bubbs and Dad

There’s honestly nothing I love more than getting the chance to hang out with the people I love the most (Stripes and Bo included of course) and recharging my batteries.

Garden View

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