Drybar Shampoo to the Rescue (GIVEAWAY ENCLOSED!)

When historians look back at 21st Century inventions that changed the world the usual suspects will ultimately be discussed: the cloning of humans, Instagram and Java Log (a log for your fireplace made from used coffee grinds and invented by Rod Sprules). You may be thinking…that list is grossly incomplete…and I would agree with you – we left off dry shampoo! (Please disregard the fact that it first showed up in the 1940s and fashion icon Twiggy starred in an early ad. Nothing is real until Beyoncé recognizes its existence. K? Thanks.)

In our Peachtree Roadies world, there is a lot of running from event to event without time for much of a costume change. Work to workout (shimmy out of that shift and into a pair of yoga pants) and barre class to the bar (peel off the tank top and wiggle into white jeans.) Changing clothes isn’t rocket science, but it DOES require a scientist to give us a hand with our sweaty post-workout hair – and that scientist is dry shampoo.

Kelly Drybar1

We’ve tried several brands, but the product that takes us from an oil slick worthy of the Exxon Valdez to va-va voom is Detox from Drybar. This product not only zaps the oil, but it takes care of the day-old smell (the scent is divine – very clean) and weight (flat hair is the worst) as well. Plus, it’s not white like most other sprays, so you don’t have to worry about a snowstorm in the middle of summer (how embarrassing!) They also have a mini bottle that is TSA approved – which is essential for traveling.

Below are photos (taken in HORRIBLE lighting) of us right after a killer workout at Roc House Fitness. Warning: these photos are pretty rough – but they really show off the before and after sprucing up with Detox. These photos are not safe for children or any beauty brands that may want to work with us in the future.

Before (sad Kelly):

Kelly Drybar


DRYBAR Detox Dry Shampoo

After (happy Kelly):

Kelly Drybar3

Plus, you can feel good about using this product on your mane because it’s formulated WITHOUT parabens, sulfates, phthalates and primates (no monkeys, y’all) which are basically unnecessary chemicals that can be irritating to the scalp.

Before (check out that flat hair…and double chin):

Meg Drybar


Meg Drybar 2

After (hello, volume):

Meg Drybar 3

Meg Drybar 4

We swear by Detox to get us from workout to night-out in seconds flat #PeachtreeRoadiesApproved. And, our friends at Drybar are giving away A FREE BLOWOUT at the Atlanta salon to one lucky Peachtree Roadies reader. Enter here and be blown away by the Drybar blowout.



9 thoughts on “Drybar Shampoo to the Rescue (GIVEAWAY ENCLOSED!)

  1. my hair has a mind of its own. such a love/hate relationship with my curly hair. dry shampoo is a game changer giving me 3 days with my blowout


  2. On days when I’m in class & the humid weather outside likes to frizz up my hair and make it go crazy! A dry bar blowout is JUST what the doctor ordered & I’d love to get pampered for a day! 🙂


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