We’re Wahoo for Wahoo! Grill in Decatur

Wahoo! Grill DecaturMeg and I are Buckhead girls – there’s no trying to hide that. We live in Buckhead, work out in Buckhead and tend to do most of our dining/drinking out in Buckhead or in the nearby neighborhoods. So, when we get an invitation to go to dinner in Decatur, we aren’t exactly doing a cheer as we think about the cost of that Uber ride (thank you Atlanta for being so s-p-r-e-a-d out!).

Wahoo Grill Kelly Outside

However, we had been on the list for the Wahoo! Grill monthly wine dinners for awhile and decided it was high time we got ourselves over to Decatur to check it out. We attended the Pinot Noir wine dinner, which was perfect, because Pinot Noir is my favorite red.

Wahoo Grill Wine Tasting

After our 35-minute ride to Decatur on a Wednesday evening, we walked into the enchanting little restaurant. The place was buzzing with a mix of regulars and newbies, which is impressive for a restaurant that’s been around the block, in a neighborhood with a plethora of new restaurants opening all the time. It was a hot one, so we were seated inside, plus that’s where the sommelier can best get you your wine stat. [Sidenote: the back patio is where it’s at – definitely a hidden gem – and I can’t wait to go back to dine out there. They also do special events on the back patio and in the adjoining tented area. I called my sister after dinner and demanded that she come look at the space for her wedding – it’s that pretty!]

Wahoo Grill Sommelier


Photo: Emily Cameron

Photo: Emily Cameron

We enjoyed three glasses of Pinot (starting out from lightest to most full body) and tasted three perfectly paired dishes with the wine. The first dish was Asian-inspired Udon noodles, which had a nice kick with chili sauce. The second dish was Scottish salmon with a strawberry-Pinot Noir jam, which was amazing!  The sweet jam balanced out the salmon and the presentation was just pretty. The third dish was a meatball stuffed with pine nuts and figs and braised in a Pinot Noir-juniper berry sauce. It was definitely an interesting flavor combo – a sweet meatball – but, it worked, especially with the fuller-bodied wine.

Wahoo Grill Udon

Wahoo Grill Scottish Salmon Wahoo Grill Meatball

With each tasting course, the sommelier would pour the corresponding glass of Pinot and spend a few minutes talking about the wine, vintner and some fun facts about the grapes. We loved hearing the stories behind the wines – a little context goes along way – and every winemaker has their own quirks.

Wahoo Grill Pinot Noir Big FIer

After the tasting, we were still engrossed in conversation and really enjoying the restaurant vibe, so we opted to say to split a few more items. We couldn’t leave without giving the friend chicken a try, so we split an order along with an order of the pimento cheese fritters. My-oh-my, we made a great decision – both were excellent and we were so glad we stayed to try a few of the menu favorites. We split a bottle of sweet wine from Argentina and our waiter told us the way the winemaker intended for it to be drunk was over ice with lime, so of course we had to be authentic. Such a light and refreshing summer beverage!

Wahoo Grill Pimento Cheese Balls Wahoo Grill Fried Chicken

Wahoo Grill New Age Pour Wahoo Grill New Age White Wine

We had such a nice, relaxing time at Wahoo! Grill. The restaurant isn’t pretentious, they’ve been around for years, so no kinks to work out, and any place that is packed with regulars on a Wednesday night in the summer obviously has some street cred. The next time you’re in Decatur, don’t overlook Wahoo! for a satisfying night out. And, if you’re salivating over this post and you live in Decatur (or are in the mood to venture out there) you are in luck because there is another wine dinner happening on Wednesday! You can view all the details here. And, if you can’t make it, these are called “monthly” wine dinners for a reason – check back in the coming months for another date!

Wahoo Grill Meg Chicken


2 thoughts on “We’re Wahoo for Wahoo! Grill in Decatur

  1. Hi ladies,
    Thanks so much for your rave review of the wine tasting and the restaurant! My chef does such a great job mirroring the flavors in the wine with the food- I continue to be amazed at every month’s wine tasting. I love your photos too. Please ask for me next time you are in so I can say hello!
    Warm regards,
    Pam Ledbetter
    Owner, Wahoo! Grill


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