Garnish & Gather – Eating Local Made Easy

Garnish & Gather
Like most Americans we’re trying to cook at home and eat LOCAL produce more often. But it’s not easy and that means we don’t do it very often. However, we’re working on it and that’s half the battle right? Don’t answer that.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Garnish and Gather

Garden and Gather Board

But we do have one secret weapon – delivery services! Previously the Roadies did a cook-off between Peach Dish and Blue Apron – and it was a great success! We thought we had met the reigning champion – that is until we met Emily, the founder of Garnish & Gather at JCT’s Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Festival. We were drawn to their booth like Stripes to bourbon  a moth to a flame because we absolutely LOVED their branding. Isn’t it beautiful? Turns out this company is more than skin deep – because we are also big fans of their product! Read on to learn more!

Garnish & Gather 002

Garnish & Gather 012

Garnish & Gather

People toss around the term “local” a lot – and honestly…we don’t always buy it. But in this case bring on the trust falls – because we know these guys and gals mean it. They consider the state of Georgia to be local and our neighboring states to be regional. They always start locally, in and around Atlanta, to find all of the food and then work to fill in the gaps, statewide and then regionally. But they’re never going to tell you a lemon or onion is local when, clearly, it’s not. That ish doesn’t grow here and you can’t fool us.

Side note: all you need at home is oil, salt & pepper – which is key considering my fridge is rarely stocked.

Garnish & Gather 018

Garnish & Gather meals are intended to be for either 2 folks or 4 folks, but I think the portions are pretty big so you’ll most likely have leftovers for lunch – bonus! We had a mini-girls night and had our solid gold certified foodie friend Chelsea and her adorable pup Sampsondoodle over to help us put the meals together and critique the results!

Garnish & Gather 032

Garnish &Gather 025

Garnish & Gather 035

Garnish & Gather 036
In other awesome news, if you aren’t sure this service is for you, but are smart and want to give them a try for just one week, select “One Time Order” in the shopping cart and you’re golden. No fuss. Plans change? These ready-to-cook meals will keep for 4-5 days – which is a huge plus for us since our schedules are constantly influx.

Garnish & Gather 050

One of our favorite things about this delivery service is you can also order local groceries! Examples? Glad you asked. Banner Butter Roasted Garlic, Basil & Parsley butter (based in Atlanta,) Bloody Mary Himalayan Pink Salt, The Little Tart Bakeshop peanut brittle and H&F’s Pain Au Levain (a rustic French sourdough.) Yes please!

Our professional food stylist, Chelsea, was on hand to do our dinner photographic justice! We enjoyed a lovely meal of Chef Asha Gomez‘s Curried Tomatoes over Tomato Rice (which just so happens to have took home the gold at last year’s Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Festival) accompanying roasted chicken with radishes (which were an unexpected HUGE hit!!) and succotash.

Garnish & Gather 055

Garnish & Gather ChickenGarnish & Gather Curried Tomatoes
Eventually she was ready to stop taking pictures and dig in. Can you tell?

Garnish & Gather 059

The awesome folks behind Garnish & Gather gave us a couple meals to try for free. My guess is after meeting us they were concerned we had scurvy and this was more of a public health outreach program – but we’ll take what we can get. #YOLO #blessed #farmfreshforwhat


One thought on “Garnish & Gather – Eating Local Made Easy

  1. I am moving to Atlanta, and this blog is exactly what I need!! Already going to check out some of the places mentioned on here, and the local fresh food! Super excited to explore Atlanta!


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