Thursday Waylay

It’s been like Spring in July here in Atlanta the past couple of days and no one is complaining!  Fingers crossed this weather stays with us through the weekend 🙂 Happy almost weekend everyone!

  • If you happen to find yourself in NYC anytime this summer, let this Summer Guide to New York City be your guide! Hallie is spot on with her recos with places like Shake Shack, The Wayland, The Highline and B Bar. Look for a post coming soon on some of my fav NYC spots 🙂
  • How yummy does this breakfast taco bar look? Who knew tacos for breakfast could be so classy?! I guess we’re past the days of Taco Bell for breakfast (hello, college!)…
  • I was just gchatting the other day when I saw this article and I immediately went invisible…for all of five minutes. Who says women can’t multitask? 😉
  • If you’re looking for something fun to do on Sunday, join us for the 6th annual JCT. Kitchen & Bar Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival at the Goat Farm Arts Center from 1-5 PM! More than 50 of the South’s top chefs, 19 skilled mixologists, and more than 30 farmers are teaming up to create the tastiest tomato concoctions to raise money for Georgia Organics and The Giving Kitchen. It’s going to be a blast!

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