TORY BURCH FOR FITBIT!! (Move, Jawbone, Get Out the Way!)

Tory Butrc

We interrupt your regularly scheduled workday to bring you breaking news on the best thing to ever happen. Ever. TORY BURCH FOR FITBIT HAS FINALLY LAUNCHED.


Tory Burch2

I can FINALLY stop Yuppie Kvetching about having to wear my bright blue Jawbone to formal events such as black tie weddings and baptisms. Now I can wear a beautiful gold statement piece from my spirit animal, Tory Burch!

The actual Fitbit Flex trackers are sold separately ($99) – so you have to buy the bracelets and wristbands (with some seriously enviable elegance) separately. Well played, Tory. Well played.

Clearly the Tory Burch for Fitbit Metal Hinged Bracelet is my favorite but I don’t know if I can resist also picking up a printed bracelet too…Actually, yes I can. I just looked at the price again and would like to stay married. I guess one will have to do! #thestruggleisreal


Is there a chance I overreacted here? That perhaps I made this into a bigger deal than it really is? NOPE.

We were not compensated for this post because we aren’t Beyonce or bff with TB (yet.) But if you are listening Tory, do the right thing. You know what that is.


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