Pink Beaches and Rum Swizzles – Bermuda Part Duex

Bermuda Barrett Pointing

It’s hard to believe that it has already been a MONTH since Stripes and I got back from our Bermuda vacation at The Reefs. Although the tan is fading (yea right, there was never any tan) it feels like we were just there!

Bermuda Pool

Bermuda itself isn’t a huge island. In fact all of Bermuda fits in a cozy 21 square miles! But, luckily, that doesn’t equate to a lack of things to do. Although I feel the need to admit we spent most of our time playing on the BEAUTIFUL pink beaches and drinking rum swizzles. I mean, can you blame us?

Bermuda - Walk on Beach

Rum Swizzle

Check out the lame T-shirt – this was my punishment for not applying enough sunscreen. #nerdalert

Barrett Sip Sip

View from Eating

Coconuts restaurant at The Reefs Bermuda resort is about as far away from the beach as we got most days. And this restaurant is on the beach…

The water, as you can probably tell is absolutely insane. The bluest and greenest I have ever seen in my entire life – and I’ve been to some blue water in my days! No filter needed here!

If fact, we had to practically drag each other off the beach to go into town, play golf and explore other parts of the island and beaches like Horseshoe Bay.

Bermuda Pink Beach

Bermuda Horseshoe Bay

Bermuda Horseshoe

The Swizzle Inn – Bermuda’s oldest and certainly most famous pub which was established in 1932. Let me tell you – these Swizzles, a potent rum and fruit juice cocktail, will knock you on your butt. I experienced this reaction first hand and ended up having a dance party at the bus stop after splitting a pitcher with Stripes. #oops

Swizzle Inn

Swizzle Inn2

Make sure to check out part 1 if you missed it and be on the lookout for the final chapter in our Bermuda series next week! And if you haven’t booked you trip to Bermuda what are you waiting for?



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