Staying Active – A New Look @ Our Road to Fitness

Barrett and Bo2

The focus of our road to fitness is exercise and diet – barre classes, eating well, lifting weights – all that that great stuff. But what about the rest of the time when we aren’t at the gym, eating healthy food that doesn’t suck and not freaking out over major setbacks? What are we doing to leverage those moments of the day? In my case, nothing. For the next 90 days I’m focusing on that time, the downtime…by trying to reduce it.

Like most of my friends and family I sit at a desk for 10-12 hours a day, and I have some bad news for us: a study from Stanford University reported in The American Journal of Medicine suggests the rise in obesity in the US is likely due to increased sedentary lifestyles across the nation, and not eating too many calories. #rutroh


Ice Cream 2

Ice cream 3

Ice Cream(just kidding…everything in moderation)

Want to know another scary tidbit? More than half (51.7%) of female adults in the US reported no leisure-time physical activity in 2010. NONE. AT ALL. But even for those of us who do hit the gym for an hour or so every day (or in my case at least a couple times a week), being a “couch potato” the other 23 hours can still be super harmful. And that’s what has me worried.

So what am I going to do about it? MOVE more. This weekend I put my plan into action by keeping my days jam packed with activities that involved being outside and running around – starting with a hike at Sweetwater Creek State Park with my family.


Barrett and Bo6

Barrett and Bo5

Barrett and Bo

Sweetwater has a great seven mile hiking trail that was the perfect amount of time to get our workout on without being too exhausted. Bocephus is a HUGE fan of this new 90 day plan!

Barrett and Bo9

Barrett and Bo8

Barrett and Bo3

I’m going to do the following things to try and live a more active lifestyle. But if you have any tips PLEASE send them my way! I need all the help I can get – I already know this plan is going to be easier said than done.

  • Spend more time being active , and less time sitting in bars and restaurants, with my friends – life requires balance though, right?
  • Take Bocephus on jogs instead of walks as often as possible
  • Try and take walks at work during the day – although this is going to be pretty difficult since my workdays have been super hectic
  • Watch less TV, and if I do tune in, try and lift light hand weight or do yoga poses during commercials

One thought on “Staying Active – A New Look @ Our Road to Fitness

  1. One of the biggest “be active” catalysts I got is a Garmin Vivo fit. It’s like a fitbit or Jawbone Up, BUT when you’ve been sedentary for a certain amount of time, a red bar appears across the screen. The longer you’re sedentary, the longer the red bar grows, and the more activity it takes to get the red bar to go away (so it keeps you getting up and often! 🙂 ) Good luck with your implementations and thanks for the inspiration!


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