Run Now, Beer Later!

Run Now, Beer Later

For the first time in ages Stripes and I were in town for July 4 – which means we were in town for The Peachtree Road Race! I mean, how could the Peachtree Roadies NOT be at the Peachtree Road Race? Clearly they named it after our blog.

For those readers who don’t live in ATL, this race is HUGE! Approximately 60,000 people were estimated to be in Buckhead for the event – and one of the prime viewing spots is right down the street from our house (score!) Plus, a bunch of our friends were running – so we had tons of people to cheer for. Talk about road to fitness….

Peachtree Road Race1

Peachtree Road Race

Go, Kat, go!!


Our tailgate organizer was the one and only Phil, Margaret’s boyfriend, who got up at 6 am to score a coveted spot and reserve enough room for our cheering section. (AWWWWW!!)

The GroupMcCoy

Phil and McCoy (pictured above), two serious tailgate pros, made HILARIOUS signs that received a lot of attention from the runners – especially the “Run Now, Beer Later” sign. People were very opinionated about our suggested timeline for beer and running – and were very vocal about whether they thought the beer should come first or the running should come first. Other runners chose to indulge in both at the same time. Stripes was especially supportive of those runners and let them know that, although they may not be winning the battle (since the need to refill slowed them down a bit,) they were definitely winning the war.


They also made signs for our local celebrity runner, Margaret. We kept our eyes peeled for Margret the entire race and choreographed our celebration down to the music that we wanted to play while she ran by (Lee Greenwood God Bless the U.S.A – naturally.) However, Margaret was a little more into the race than we anticipated, and she flew right on by after only a quick high five to the peanut gallery. Phil, chief sign maker, was crushed and proud all at the same time. Luckily, I was able to capture the emotion of the (brief) moment.








Congratulations to all of the runners! But a special Peachtree Roadies congratulations goes to these fine Americans strangers below.


BasketballThose guys were seriously impressive! They were doing basketball tricks while booking it down the street! Loved it!

Uncle Sam

Blue and Yellow



Man Panties

And last, but NOT least – this awesome guy!! He got a TON of cheers! #killinthescene2014


Man Running


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