Pink Barre – Long, Fit, Let’s Go!

It’s no secret: we’re obsessed with barre workouts. While neither of us have ever been mistaken for ballerinas, the plies and pirouettes work their magic by creating long, lean muscles – exactly what we were looking for when we began our #roadtofitness. While we’ve learned a lot about what workouts are best for us, we’ve also learned what actually gets our butts in the gym and it comes down to three main things:

  • Convenience (we need great class times and opportune locations)
  • Price (we don’t want the cheapest thing out there, but it can’t break the bank)
  • Fun (we can’t hate the workout – which is why you haven’t seen any crazy boot camps on here and why Orange Theory didn’t get a positive review.)


When we heard Pink Barre was coming to Buckhead we were pumped – because this place had the potential to meet all three of these requirements! Luckily for us, it didn’t disappoint!

The studio itself is great! Super bright, clean, and we LOVED the pink mats (how fun!) There aren’t many bells and whistles – just lockers, the studio and a lobby – but it created a great energy.

photo 1(30)

photo 2(31)

photo 3(24)




One of the unique things about Pink Barre is the small band that goes around both legs, right above the knee. It keeps your legs together (read – keeps you from cheating) and intensifies the burn!


Something to keep in mind about Pink Barre: a little experience is key. The class moves quickly, so they don’t spend a lot of time going over proper form, and the instructor wasn’t able to adjust poor posture on an individual basis very often. For barre junkies this isn’t a big deal – but it’s important to know that you are accountable to your own form (including knowing how to “tuck“).

We both bought packages for a month of unlimited classes – and are going to push each other to go at least four times a week! Being accountable to someone is a great motivator for me. I don’t want to let Kelly down – or look like a lazy bum – so hopefully this will kick start my #roadtofitness, which has been a little off course recently.

  • Location: 9 (Great location and parking is super simple – a huge plus when you are in a rush!)
  • Instructor: N/A (The instructor was injured – so she wasn’t about to do a lot of the moves, and that made it a little difficult to follow. The jury is still out on this one…)
  • Workout: 8 (I was very sore the next day and during class I could really feel my muscles going into overdrive during some of the longer “holds” and “tucks.”)
  • Ambiance: 7 (The high ceilings with exposed lighting and beams gave it a great industrial and spacious feel. Plus, we loved the pink mats!)

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