Ice Cream + Liquor = Match-Made-In-Heaven

In these SWEEEEEELLLLTERING Atlanta summer days, have you often found yourself reaching in the freezer for a pint of ice cream? But, then you see the bottle of vodka chilling in there and think, hmm, maybe I’ll make a cocktail instead? But, you really want the ice cream too, decisions, decisions…Well now ladies and gents, you can have both! Enter The Ice Cream Bar.

Peachtree Roadies Ice Cream Bar

Just in time for the dog days of summer, the folks at Frozen Pints (now formally known as The Ice Cream Bar) have done it again by combining two of our favorite indulgences – spirits and ice cream – into one glorious pint o’ goodness.

Peachtree Roadies Ice Cream Bar



We had the opportunity to try out their new ice cream selections earlier this week (#sugarcoma) and were begging for pints to take home by the end of the night! You may have tried their craft beer ice cream selections before (hello pumpkin ale!), but the new line of liquor ice cream really stands out for two reasons:

  1. There are 3 shots in a single pint. Now, we don’t recommend that you eat the entire thing in one sitting (okay, yes we do), but if you do, you will have a nice buzz going when your spoon scrapes the bottom of the carton.

Peachtree Roadies Ice Cream Bar

  1. The flavors. Chocolate martinis don’t stand a chance against these creamy-dreamy options (which is saying A LOT because we’ve always been loyal to the chocotini – until NOW): White Russian, Bourbon Butter Pecan (my personal fav), Mojito, and Brandy Alexander Chip.

Peachtree Roadies Ice Cream Bar

One of our favorite thing about the event, besides stuffing our faces with boozy ice cream, was how supportive the ATL beer/alcohol/restaurant community is of each other!  Tons of people came out to cheer on Aly and Ari – the masterminds behind the pints – and it was clear that everyone was genuinely pumped to see them succeed and take Frozen Pints to the next level.

Peachtree Roadies Ice Cream Bar

We also got to meet Adrianna, who heads up the sales – and she let us talk her ear off about places we think they need to be in (they are rolling out across the city in 3 weeks so it won’t be hard to find them) – what a cool girl. It’s also hard NOT to support these guys because they happen to be some of the nicest, most down to earth people in the city.

Peachtree Roadies Ice Cream Bar

Get to your nearest liquor store ASAP to pick up a pint (or all four) and check back often for new flavors coming soon.

They also have something SUPER cool in the works that we COULD NOT be more excited about. We can’t tell you about it, but we want you to know that we know. #whatajerk

Spoons up!


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