Thursday Waylay – Summer is Almost Here!

 So…can someone please tell me where spring went? Because I’m pretty sure I missed it! Oh well – on to summer (which starts this Saturday in case you misplaced your Farmers Almanac.) Time for fun in the sun, Braves games and pitchers of margaritas! Bring it on!


Check out the links below for some of my favorite interwebs links:

What to read:

What to do:

  • Alison from Long Distance Loving managed to hit her 10,000 steps (a Jawbone standard of excellence) for 100 days straight! #goaheadgirl. Read how she did it and get inspired! (Another option is to share her story on your blog and continue to not meet your goals for 100 days, which is closer to my current reality.)
  • Devon Rachel helps learn to love our workspace! Most of us severely neglect the place where we spend most of our day – our desk! I know mine could really use some TLC…
Photo from

Photo from

What to wear:

  • Beth from seersucker + sadles brought us the perfect date night dress
  • Kelly is in Greece this week (if you aren’t following us on Instagram you need to – just to see her awesome vacation photos!) – but I wish I could have shared Lauren’s (A Fabulous Fete) awesome beach bag roundup with her before she left! How perfect is that white maxi dress?


Blogger Kudos:

  • I’m so impressed by Maya’s #RealBloggerBeauty movement! Her goal is to “oppose the perfectionism that bloggers {and everyone really} is always striving to achieve by sharing personal & perfectly imperfect experiences we all have with one another.” Head on over to Charmingly Styled and read what inspired her, and TONS of other women to share their stories. Unfortunately Kelly and I really are perfect so we are unable to participate. Just kidding!


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