Charmed in Charleston

A few Fridays ago we were getting ready to head out of town for the long Memorial Day weekend. As you may have seen via Instagram, Brian and I took a quick trip to Charleston to visit our friends who are getting married at the end of the summer! It was the perfect long weekend for a visit before they get super busy with last minute wedding planning.

Peachtree Roadies Charleston

Sullivan’s Island

We arrived pretty late on Friday (grrr Atlanta traffic) so we just hung out for a bit enjoying a night cap, or two for some people (wink wink, Brent), then went to bed so we could wake up bright and early for the beach! We spent the day enjoying a mostly private beach on Sullivan’s Island which was just heaven. We packed sandwiches, snacks and plenty of beer (Summer Shandy anyone?) and made a day of it. Seriously (but, not too seriously) you guys, we are moving to Charleston. You can live in super cute downtown Charleston and be at the beach in less than 30 minutes. You Charlestonians are really living the life 🙂 (We are big beach people, can you tell?!)

Peachtree Roadies Charleston1 Peachtree Roadies Charleston2 Peachtree Roadies Charleston3 Peachtree Roadies Charleston

Our friends know how much of a foodie I am, so they pulled out all the stops for dining out. Saturday night we dined at The Grocery after stopping by a lovely wine and cheese party with some of their friends. The Grocery was awesome! I loved the rustic and open space with high ceilings and a great little bar area. If you like dirty martinis you can’t go wrong with ordering the Dirty Green Tomato – perfect amount of pickled sweet and sour goodness. We were seated right in front of the semi-open kitchen so we could check out all the goods coming out. We decided to split a bunch of small plates and if you don’t mind sharing that is definitely the way to go. Here are a few pictures of what we ate and drank.

Peachtree Roadies The Grocery

Peachtree Roadies The Grocery
Peachtree Roadies The Grocery5

Peachtree Roadies The Grocery Peachtree Roadies The Grocery2 Peachtree Roadies The Grocery Peachtree Roadies The Grocery

Peachtree Roadies The Grocery

We capped off the night with an after-dinner drink at The Ordinary right across the street. Another really neat space with most of the seating upstairs and a big bar area downstairs. We were tempted to get some oysters, but were already pretty stuffed. This place is on my list for where to eat for the next time we visit.

Peachtree Roadies The Grocery

On Sunday morning while the boys woke up at the crack of dawn, Sarah and I went to The Warehouse for brunch and bloody mary’s. We devoured tater tots, a breakfast sandwich and a Mexican-inspired skillet then decided to walk home to burn off some calories. (Another plus about Charleston, you can actually walk places…)

Peachtree Roadies The Warehouse Peachtree Roadies The Warehouse1Peachtree Roadies The Warehouse2

Finally after beach round 2 in the afternoon on Sunday, we had a superb seafood dinner at Hank’s (located right by the Market). The service was excellent and it was very much a fine dining experience minus the tourists in their shorts and t-shirts. Our server must have offered to bring us more bread 5 times and we took him up on it every time #yolo. But really, don’t skip the bread! The steamed mussels and oysters casino (their spin on oysters Rockefeller) were great appetizers to share and no one was disappointed with their entrees. Here are a few pictures of what we ate.

Peachtree Roadies Hanks Peachtree Roadies Hanks Peachtree Roadies Hanks Peachtree Roadies Hanks Peachtree Roadies Hanks

Peachtree Roadies Hanks

Monday morning after two days of heavy eating and drinking we took a leisurely walk through a beautiful park right near their house. This park is wedding venue material and puts our little neighborhood park to shame. We enjoyed a home cooked breakfast and a mimosa or two (I wasn’t driving!) before hitting the road. Charleston, you haven’t seen the last of us – I just wish you were a wee bit closer!

Peachtree Roadies Hanks



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