Polaris – Make Sure you Catch ATL from its Good Side. Pick One.


I don’t want to start an internet riot or anything, but I think Atlanta has a photographic side and a downright oogly side. And I’m not judging – most of us do! Depending on what angle you’re coming from Atlanta can look like a beautiful, sprawling, green masterpiece, or a dirty, ugly rundown dump (I’m looking at you, Freedom Parkway!). Unless of course you find yourself on a storied rotating room with panoramic views of the city complete with a bar that serves phenomenal peach daiquiris and chilled champagne. Sadly, that place is Polaris, and it closed about 10 years ago.


Photo credit: Ben Rose

UNTIL NOW!! Rejoice Atlantans, because Polaris is open and better than ever (according to scientists and polar bears on melting ice caps – so don’t question it.) I got the opportunity to attend the opening party, the #PolarisPreview, and it blew me away. Need proof points? Fine. They source their ingredients locally (which is really cool considering it’s not really their angle, just an awesome perk) as well as from its rooftop garden which includes bee hives. And you can SEE the garden every once and awhile as you spin around and take in some of the most incredible views of ATL I’ve ever seen.


I had the best asparagus soup known to man – seriously to die for.



The Hyatt spared no expense with this place, reportedly spending tens of millions of dollars in recent years to renovate the hotel, which was designed by famed architect John Portman and opened in 1967.





They even had our favorite Peachtree Roadies striped straws on hand! #PeachtreeRoadiesApproved!



They also gave us the cutest Viewfinder so we could take the awesome sights home with us! What a fantastic idea! Those Reynolds Group girls sure know how to throw a party!

The views are free – and so was the food and drink. But the compliments and experience were genuine. Make sure you stop by and give this place a try!




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