It’s Fun to Stay at the Y.M.C.A. – Road to Fitness, Chapter 16

Peachtree Roadies YMCA6 As part of our #RoadtoFitness, Brian and I joined the YMCA earlier this year. It’s less than 10 minutes from our house, tennis courts are included in the membership, and there is an indoor pool for Brian to swim. And it’s SO much cheaper than the other gym memberships around town – we pay less than $80/month – you can’t beat that! Peachtree Roadies YMCA I haven’t tried out many of the group exercise classes since we’ve been trying out so many other workouts around town, so I invited Meg to join me for a class at the Y to try it out. They offer a full range of classes from yoga, spinning, cardio, etc. at all different times throughout the day. Peachtree Roadies YMCA We took the cardio fitness class and were sweating our tails off by the end. The music was awesome and we loved how everyone (men and women alike) really got into the dance moves. We were BY FAR the worst in the class, but we did our best to follow along. Our instructor just encouraged us to keep moving even if we weren’t getting all the moves down pat (and we weren’t). We just hopped/wiggled around to the music which is apparently an effective workout. Peachtree Roadies YMCA We didn’t use any equipment either – just our bodies. The workout room is HUGE with really long mirrors, so you aren’t all up on top of everyone else. There are a bunch of spin bikes in the back of the room that they pull out for spin class, if that’s your jam. They have 10 tennis courts (a mix of hard and clay) that are well-enough maintained, and you can bring guests to play for free. Guests only get a one-time pass to use the gym though. Peachtree Roadies YMCA Peachtree Roadies YMCA If you’re not looking to spend a fortune on your workout and don’t mind a pretty basic set-up, you can’t go wrong with a membership to the Y. And, if you have kids, the outdoor pool and water slide look awesome!

Peachtree Roadies YMCA

Our AWESOME instructor

Location: 7 – It’s super close for me, but a bit of a hike for Meg.

Instructor: 8 – Our instructor had TONS of energy and is an amazing dancer! Her outfit was pretty awesome too. #’merica.

Workout: 8 – The Y is all about working at your own pace, which I like, but I really need an instructor who is going to push me or else I am not likely to kill myself.

Ambiance: 5 – Definitely no frills at the Y, but you get what you pay for. On the flip side, everyone is super friendly and helpful. I don’t think I’ll be giving up my membership anytime soon!

Peachtree Roadies YMCA

Meg trying out some of her new moves


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