Thursday Waylay

We hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day and kick-off to summer over the long weekend. And YAY to almost the end of a four-day work week! Who’s already ready for another long weekend?! While we wait for the 4th to roll around, here are a few gems that caught our eye this week.

  • Summer = rosé-season in my world. Summer is seriously my FAVORITE time of year for drinking the pink stuff. Maybe I will have to throw a rosé tasting party à la The Glitter Guide for our next girl’s night? Who’s in?!
  • I love these tips from The Inspired Room for decorating your house over time. When we first moved in, I was SO antsy to have everything decorated and in its place. And nine months later, who has time for that?! We have some rooms finished, but are taking our time (and budget) with the rest of the house to find things we really love at a good price 🙂 [Side note: I am fascinated by DIY and home decorating blogs, but have yet to attempt any sort of do-it-yourself project – maybe in my next life!]
  • These recipes look super simple for summer and are refreshingly made with raw ingredients.
  • I am obsessed with Paperless Post and use it for all my party invites. (Remember our lovely Masters Party invite?) The new collection with J. Crew is sure to meet ALL of your entertaining and celebration needs! I can’t wait to pick an invite for our next Peachtree Roadies soirée.
  • And finally, for the Atlanta-crew, there is a new dinner-party-kickball-league in town and I think we need to form a team ASAP. #TeamPeachtreeRoadies anyone? The red bouncy ball and I aren’t really friends, but I’m all about secret dinners post-games!
Peachtree Roadies Kickball

#TBT to our 2008 kickball season!


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