Lake Lessons

Peachtree Roadies Lake

Last weekend was the first lake trip (of hopefully many) of the season and let’s just say the weather was not on our side. (Thank YOU Megan!) This is the second time in the last year that I have been stuck at the lake sans sun and warmth, so I have plenty of tried and true suggestions for lake time fun (sun or no sun).

  • Drink alcohol, lots of alcohol. You’ll already be bringing plenty of beers and ingredients for refreshing mixed drinks for relaxing on the lake, but when you’re stuck inside, bring on the drinking games. This means you’ll start going through your liquor supply more quickly than normal, so plan on an extra beer/wine/champs run before you’re too many drinks in. Trust me, you do not want to be stuck taking pulls of tequila at 3 pm when you’re already out of beer.

Peachtree Roadies Lake Peachtree Roadies Lake

  • Pack the snacks. Yes, this is obvious, but again, when you aren’t showing off your bikini bod all day on the lake, you will be more likely to indulge in the snackies. And if you’re inside, you have more options for snacks, than just bags of chips. Cheese and crackers, guac, salsa, cheese dip, bruschetta – you can have a regular old dinner party if you’re not leaving the house.
  • Game-time. Yeah, you’ll probably be throwing in ping pong balls and solo cups for beer pong and flip cup (and my new favorite – baseball) and you have head’s up on your phone, but don’t forget about cards. Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples can keep you occupied for quite a while, especially if you have a big group. And don’t underestimate Spoons either – you can totally turn it into a very competitive drinking game.

Peachtree Roadies Lake Peachtree Roadies Lake Peachtree Roadies Lake

  • Bundle up for a boat ride. If you have easy access to a boat, and there is a lull in the rain, put on whatever fleece/jacket/old school sweatshirt you can find, layer on your alcohol jacket, and get out on the lake. Even if for a quick ride before your fingers and toes turn purple and your teeth are chattering.

Peachtree Roadies Lake Peachtree Roadies Lake Peachtree Roadies Lake

  • Get out the beauty supplies. Who says you can’t bring nail polish to the lake? When you have all the time in the world to let your nails dry, why not give yourself a mani in between drinking games? And, who knew a sock bun could be so much fun with a group of girls? Pass it around and see who has the biggest bun.


Peachtree Roadies Lake

Best sock bun award goes to Nelly!

  • Take a brief road trip. If it’s monsooning out there and there is no chance of being outside all day according to your weather app, take a ride in the car before diving into the drinking game festivities. Go grab breakfast or lunch at a local lake spot, or stock up on more food and beverages at the local grocery store – you never know what you might get yourself into!

Hopefully all of your lake weekends will be full of sun and fun, but in the event you’re stuck inside at all this summer, don’t forget these tips for a good time 🙂

Peachtree Roadies Lake


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