Life Back Down South

It’s been just over a year since Brian and I said sianara to NYC and headed back down south to put down roots in the A. Some days it feels like we were just in NYC, and other days it feels like we’ve been here forever. [Technically, I have lived in the Atlanta metro area for most of my life, so that would make sense!] The last year has brought new jobs, new cars, a new house, new friends, new doggy, and most importantly Peachtree Roadies! In some ways we’ve settled back into life here with our friends and family and in others we still have a slight feeling that maybe Atlanta won’t be our forever home. But only time will tell, right?

Peachtree Roadies NYC

Back in my UGA heyday, I always had grand plans of moving to NYC after college and being a regular city gal. (Don’t all PR and Advertising majors dream of living in NYC though? I mean who wouldn’t want to move to the most expensive city in the U.S., to get a low-paying internship in hopes of a full time job, live on a friend’s sofa in Queens, and subsist off office leftovers?) I figured I would start out with a PR job in Atlanta, get a little experience under my belt, then move to NYC and live the good life.

Peachtree Roadies UGA

Well, it almost happened that way. The night Brian and I met in Atlanta in late summer of 2008 (over a year after I had graduated college mind you), I regaled him with my grand plans to move to NYC with a friend. (I may have had a few drinks under my belt, as well.) Fast forward 2.5 years and Brian and I are engaged and living with his grandmother on the UWS while apartment hunting in the coldest city on earth. [Apartment hunting in NYC is brutal, especially when you don’t have a proper winter puffy coat and boots yet. Don’t ever let anyone make you think differently, broker or no broker.]

The night Meg introduced us at East Andrews

The night Meg introduced us at East Andrews

Brian got a great job opportunity where he could relocate to either San Fran or NYC and with a little a lot of encouragement from me, off to NYC we went! I was able to transfer with my company, so it was just perfect. We got married the following summer in Virginia Beach, and for the next year we loved every minute of our new locale. Well, minus the freezing cold winters and the sweltering summers of course. But, any New Yorker will tell you spring and fall are where it’s at in the city. I mean, who doesn’t love the change of seasons? (wink, wink)

Peachtree Roadies NYC

Seriously though, we did enjoy being closer to extended family in NY and NJ (not the trips on NJ Transit transferring through Newark though), made some wonderful new friends and spent lots of time with some of our oldest friends. We spent a large portion of 2011 and 2012 travelling back and forth to Atlanta and Virginia for weddings and related activities, but still made plenty of time to take advantage of low key weekends by just walking around and exploring the city and taking it all in.

Peachtree Roadies NYC

Then towards the end of 2012, we made the decision to move back to Atlanta. Brian went back to his former employer and I made the decision to transfer back with my company. We talked about it FOREVER. We weighed the pros and cons. We talked to our friends and family. It was a really hard decision, especially because I wasn’t quite ready to leave our New York-life, but I don’t know that I would ever really have been “ready.” So, last April, we made the move and looking back on everything, we couldn’t be happier. Yes, there are lots of days when I wish we had stayed (although we were oh-so-happy to be situated way below the Mason-Dixon line during this past winter, for sure) and I miss our family and our friends and our favorite bagel place, but NYC is a short flight away. We’ve managed to get back 3-4 times since we moved and I am heading up there next month, and will continue to make regular trips.

Peachtree Roadies ATL

When people ask me what I miss most about living in NYC, I tell them being able to walk everywhere. That’s what the city is really about to me: taking in the people, the smells (the stench of the city just adds to the character, right?), the buildings, the traffic, the hints of greenery – just taking it all in – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Peachtree Roadies Central Park

Central Park


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