Do you like your balls with sauce? Foodie First Look: Bar Meatball

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We recently enjoyed a ball and sauce tasting at the newest only meatball shop in town: Bar Meatball. In NYC, the meatball place has been done a few times (the most successful being The Meatball Shop), and while we didn’t frequent them often, when we did stop in, we knew we were in for a satisfying meal, so I was excited to hear the meatball “trend” was making its way down to the A.

Bar Meatball

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We knew the boys would be super jealous if we went to the tasting on our own (Brian was practically living off frozen meatballs when we first met, true story…), so we invited them along. We had barely been seated when the boys started with the “ball” comments, and they continued throughout the entire meal. We started off with a few Italian house cocktails (I slurped mine down in about 5 minutes it was so yummy) and the antipasto and fried calamari. Yes, everywhere in Atlanta “does” calamari, but we all agreed (well, not Stripes because he doesn’t do seafood) this was some of the best – lightly fried and salted with lots of lemon and spice from the jalapenos – super light and tasty.


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What you need to know before you go:

  • Location: Bar Meatball is located in the former Pozole space right behind Dark Horse on Greenwood Avenue in the Highlands. That has always been a great location for a restaurant if you ask me, because it’s in walking distance to Dark Horse, Hand in Hand and Neighbors for after dinner shenanigans. I don’t deal with parking in the Highlands, so we took Uber.
  • Reservations? We had a reservation on a Friday night, but it really wasn’t crowded (don’t read that as a bad sign though, we loved it!), which was good because we were running late (shocking…). You can probably take your chances with no res, especially if you’re a party of 4 or less.
  • Ordering: If you like to share, we highly recommend ordering a couple balls and a couple sauces to try with an appetizer and 1-2 sides (depending on how hungry you are). We ordered the Classic Beef, Sausage & Peppers, Chicken, and Arancini balls with the Mushroom Gravy, Pesto, Bolo, and Classic Tomato sauces. The balls come 4 to a serving, which is a very large serving once you add the sauce and focaccia bread.
  • Favorites: Sausage & Peppers ball with the Bolo sauce was the favorite all around. The chicken got mixed reviews (Brian thumbs up, Strips thumbs down), and I loved the Arancini, probably because it’s fried. #nomnomnom We wanted to love the Mushroom Gravy, and it was flavorful, but not a “must-order” as the waiter led us to believe. I also really liked the pesto, which is made with arugula and walnuts, so if you like pesto definitely try this one.
  • Order dessert. We don’t always order dessert at restaurants (gotta cut calories somewhere!), but we were talked into dessert and are so glad we indulged in a spumoni ice cream sandwich and Zeppole’s with Nutella dipping sauce (also known but our crew as joey bag of doughnuts, cue: Welcome to Moe’s!). Stripes seriously hogged loved the ice cream sandwich, and Brian and I ate more than our fair split of the Zeppole’s.

Bar Meatball

Bar Meatball

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Overall, I think this is a hidden gem in the Highlands, especially when you’re craving that authentic, home-cooked Italian cuisine and large portions, but don’t want to spend a lot of dolla’ dolla’ bills. (Read: Inexpensive date night that gets you sharing/interacting, and the guys won’t go home hungry.) I like that it’s not overly crowded (yet), and they have different options for your balls – served with sauce alone or as a sandwich or slider.

Bar Meatball = #PeachtreeRoadiesApproved


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